'Leap Second' tweak will affect service tonight, June 30

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From the Exede Blog:

Ever wished you could have just a little more time? Well this month, we will get an extra second — and it will affect your Exede or WildBlue internet service.

Here's the story: The earth's spin is not constant. Atomic clocks — which tell us the time, set television broadcast frequencies and communicate with GPS satellites — must be adjusted to sync with the earth's rotation. This little tweak is called a "leap second," and the world's timekeepers have added this second every few years since 1972. The next leap second change will occur on June 30 at 8 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. (That's midnight UTC, or Coordinated Universal Time.)

What does this mean for you?

ViaSat, provider of Exede and Wildblue Internet, must also add a leap second to the clocks for the devices that provide your internet service. This will cause a service interruption between 8 p.m. EDT June 30 and 10 a.m. EDT on July 1. The interruption will likely be between 15 minutes and 1 hour. In addition to your internet service, you may notice other impacts of the 2015 leap second. Financial markets, GPS services and other areas that rely on time and computers may also be affected. 

Learn more about leap seconds.

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Posted 5 years ago

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Wait, really? To add a second to the service, it will go down for 15 minutes to a hour? So to add a second to the clock, customers are going to loose potentially a hour? Really? Some one pulling my leg?
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Actually a legitimate concern for some systems and appears ViaSat is simply going with the easiest approach - shut down prior and wait for everybody to synchronize their watches before coming back online. In the past apparently some systems have incorrectly interpreted the extra second as going backwards in time - no word on whether Marty McFly shows up but computers can do a lot of damage in a second and if I'm not here tomorrow just wait a second  ;)   
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Hahahaha, what is it... 121 jiggawatts? Something like that, hehe

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