Late Night Free Zone not kicking in at midnight

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My Late Night Free Zone not kicking in at midnight 
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Posted 5 years ago

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EXEDE Is so screwed up right now I don't have a clue what to say. They reset my data 4 times in less than 10 days, the reps here helped but then xed took away what they did. It's screwed until Monday I guess. I stopped there direct billing. So we will see.
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yeah it doesn't seem like im going to get any lnfz  today. I guess i'll turn on my game or watch a movie.
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That graph (appears to be ASUS-WRT real time monitor) is not a reliable indicator of LNFZ. The only way to determine whether LNFZ is active is to determine whether those bytes are counted in you Exede usage meter display and you need a much larger data sample than that recorded here.

The real time monitor represents a 10 minute period for calculating averages (2007.75 / 600 = 3.35). The blips on the radar appear to occur at 2 second intervals).

While those speeds appear to be low, they may simply reflect the added congestion everyone experiences on entry to the LNFZ and they largely depend on what activities your engaged in during that period. Typically I experience slower speeds than expected until 2:00 - 2:30 AM. 

For example and a few minutes ago, showed an average speed of 16.6 Mbps and recent speed tests by other Exede/Wildblue users showed from 10 - 19 Mbps. However, looking at my real time monitor during that period showed:

This represents the 25MB download speed test conducted at Note that the maximum speed recorded is 2763.35 KBs or 2.69 MBs which roughly equals the maximum speed recorded by and the average the entire range of the download is roughly 16.6 Mbps.

However, when speed is measured over the entire 10 minute interval (including periods of low or no activity), the average drops to 45.41 KBs. Note also the difference between bits (small b), bytes (capital B) and also that ASUS-WRT considers a KB to be 1024 bytes, a MB to be 1048576 bytes, and a GB to be 1073741824 bytes. Exede considers them to be 1000, 1000000, and 1000000000 bytes respectively (Exede's interpretation is correct for data).

Regardless, to achieve speeds approaching 12 Mbps requires a large sustained download over a period of time, which is why retries a download test at larger sizes until it takes 7 seconds or more to complete.

But as noted the only way to determine whether LNFZ is active is to determine whether data is being recorded against your usage meter during that time.

And that is why many of us have requested a reliable LNFZ indicator be provided and preferably on the ViaSat modem status page since we shouldn't have to consume data to make that determination. Right now, Exede users have to consume a minimum of 50 MB of data, and wait a while to see if it registers as a change on the usage meter - even then it's just a guess.

P.S. While on that monitor page, switch over to the QoS tab and make sure QoS is off, if not already off.

Speed is simple a function of usage over time. while my truck shows a top speed of 120 mph on the speedometer, when measuring average speed over the number of years I've had it comes out to less than 1 mph, but somehow it always gets me going where I want to on time when I need it to ;) Exede is much the same way allowing me to get done what I need to in a reasonable amount of time.

The following graph represents speed tests run by Wildblue and Exede users over a 7.5. hour period. As you can see the average is somewhere around 10 Mbps despite Wildblue users (as well as Exede 5 users) having slower speeds to begin with:       

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Hi Trevor, I would be happy to take a look into your LNFZ and make sure everything is set properly. Please send me an email to with your account verification and I can take a look. 
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Probably fixing to be 3 nights in a row in which this LNFZ wont work for me
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Hello Dan, if you experience any issues again during your LNFZ, please make sure to give us a call
asap so we can take a look. Our diagnostics systems are set up
differently during these hours so that any issues that may pop up can be
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Trevor and Dan - 

Sometimes, and not very often, I find if I am doing any sort of operation that continues to use the internet as the time crosses from metered to LNFZ I may have to restart my modem if I have gone over my data allowance for the month.  I noted in another thread that it is rare, but is has occurred.

If you experience this again, as Kimberly suggested call in to support and they can take a look at things, however if you want to just try power cycling your modem (or receiver, or whatever you want to call it :) as a quick test, you may find that resolves the issue.

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