Just how many Gb a Month is a Reasonable Amount, anyway? In the eye of the beholder, I guess.

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I just read a complaint one woman wrote --not here, but about her Comcast data limit...The title of her statement is "This 250 Gb  data cap is RUINING my family. It has to go".  Of course I burst out laughing when I read that, since somehow I am managing with my 10 Gb limit with Exe
de, but I don't know...is there something different about Comcast's data limits when compared to Exede's, technically speaking, that I am not aware of that would make someone feel that 250 Gb limit of usage per month, is somehow, well, UNFAIR?  Really, I just don't know the answer to that, but still the thought of 250 Gb not being enough really had me laughing.
I will give you a link to the whole statement and maybe people who read this who know more than I do can explain if there is some inherent difference in a comcast account, meaning that 250 Gb of Comcast can't be compared to equal Gb usage with exede?
anyway, got me to thinking about issues like what are people's expectations, when does it seem that maybe people are feeling somehow ENTITLED to something that really isn't a logical or reasonable expectation, vs when is a problem really a problem that is the provider's fault, how do you know the difference--do people sometimes blame a provider for not offering something the provider can't offer because of the nature of the product...why are some people more ready than others to immediately believe that something along the lines of lying or cheating is being deliberately perpetrated on them by a provider....when this hasn't been proven...why are some people so quick to think it's deliberate lying or cheating vs mistakes or incompetence, or neither of those?
No I am NOT saying that lying and cheating and incompetence isn't out there in the world bigtime...it is...but I suspect not nearly as often as we think it is...I have been looking online to see if I could find any cases of an internet provider who has been proven to have been deliberately lying to and cheating customers with regard to their contractual data caps..or a provider who has been found to be inaccurately metering the customers' usage, for the purpose of increasing profits or forcing customers to buy more expensive plans. or just have been incompetent and so the metering was inaccurate and customers weren't getting what they paid for...so far I haven't found any cases where this has been investigated and proven...does anyone know of any?
But back to the original question....does this woman really have a legitimate complaint about 250 Gb being ridiculously insufficient?  To the point of ruination of her family?
Here is the link to the lady's statement about comcast/the 250Gb limit:
Are we ENTITLED to have what we think is the right amount of data usage?   Or do we have to live within the contractually stated restrictions of services we pay for and subscribe to and must we just find the  provider that offers the closest to what we would LIKE to have, for the best price?  Clearly, this woman sounds genuinely outraged....
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I have to wonder how many of the movies/programs downloaded by the data hogs and stored on their computers actually are ever watched.   I say this from being a person who until a couple years ago had a box of VHS tapes of movies I had recorded back in the 80's (I'm not kidding about this) and never got around to watching.  I have to think the same would ring true here.  Like Steve above  all I want is the ability to stream a Netflix or similar when I want something to watch without worrying about data caps.  I would guess most months I would use less than 50 and certainly even on months I chose to watch more I doubt we'd ever go over 100.  I am fine with standard definition and while my 5 mb service up north at our old place was awesome for this,  I didn't mind at all when they were still at  1 and I had a little buffering now and then.  If the satellite companies want to keep customers like me,  they need to figure out a way to perhaps offer slower speeds with much higher caps for people like myself and offer the higher speeds with more restrictive caps for the high data users.  Otherwise as soon as a wireless broadband service signal reaches us (and they are expanding in rural areas) I'm gone.

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