Journal Entry: "Day 10"

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"It is February 10th, the long awaited month that ViaSat-2 is supposed to become available to residential users or at least let us know what plans await for us. The starving masses are struggling, their desire for data and speed have not changed, but with the promise of even more they come out of the woodwork to ask about ViaSat-2.  I must admit that my appetite for data is equally as large. It seems there's fewer meaningful posts and now everyone is just speculating or asking about what the plans might be, despite knowing it is pointless.  I truly do hope we can get our wagon through this mountain path, the winter sure is fierce though, I am unsure if our data will last us.  Best hope that pass speeds are reliable, lest we cannibalize the priority data from each other. "

Okay, I'm done being stupid, enjoy your day lol.
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Nice short story.  I hope there is a chapter 2!
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“These are the times that try” - men’s (and women’s).... patience.
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"The new plans have arrived but alas they are not enough to save us." 
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“and it’s I don’t know where (my data) is going, I do not know how long the journey will last...

I don’t know oh oh oh where it’s going, the future’s just one long mirror of the past...

... and I’ve been losing (data) so long that it looks just like winning, but kick me again and I will come up grinning... “

(Apologies to the late, great, Steve Goodman)
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It beats dial up hands down! How ever management appears to be dropping the ball. Some over paid individual NEEDS to be replaced. If Viasat doesn't have a board of directors it should create one. It appears someone enjoys the pay and perks, But doesn't like the work. Come on people I would be in the dark ages with out Viasat. What is next first week in March, WE promise??
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Yes, it's day 10! On what day does "early February" officially end? :-)
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Here is what I found out on Yahoo News and posted as a reply to another poster on another thread.  Only repeating it here in order to catch folks only following this thread.

Uhhhh....Barry....let DuckDuckGo search engine be your friend.  Just DDG "ViaSat News" and three frames at the very top with the latest ViaSat news pops up.  The second one is this account of ViaSat's recent conference call on their Q3 financials.

Here's the relevant snippet concerning when the new ViaSat 2 service begins....

Other Highlights

"The company’s ViaSat-2 satellite is ready for service and will likely be launched next week, with national coverage scheduled for February end. "

This Yahoo article was posted Feb. 9th.  Yesterday.  Which means...if true...ViaSat 2 service starts sometime Valentine week with full nationwide coverage and rollout Feb. 28th.
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I had a bulb of garlic with my dinner last night and had Mexican food for lunch today. This morning was pretty bad but this evening is going to be even worse.
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Toss in some tea leaves and a Magic Eight-Ball and you’d have everything you need to make a credible prognostication !