Its primetime and I just downloaded a 609 mb file in less than 15 minutes

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Sounds pretty fast to me.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Must be nice. I have the Freedom Plan and only used 20% of my data and right now during prime time if I tried to download a 609mb file it would either fail right after starting or download at less than 60kbps. Its been real bad for me lately during prime time. I'm lucky if I can even browse the web sometimes. Uploading is fine but Downloading? Forget it. I now have comparable service to what I had on the Liberty plan when out of priority Data. Funny thing is, I switched off that plan because of this kind of issue. So yea, the last few weeks my Net is useless during prime time. Same story for some of my Neighbors and Friends with the same service =/
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Nice.  :)  
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Prime Time for me right now. Blazing fast look out
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I was a little better 600kbps during primetime this evening.
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I was at 250kbps most of the day.Maybe most people in Louisiana have other ways to communicate.
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These numbers sound pathetic to me.  I was pulling 2.5-3 MB/s fairly consistently and seldom below 1 MB/s with my Hughesnet Gen4.
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It is pathetic, since most of us are paying for 25Mbps and will never see that.
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It depends on location. I am in central NY and on the 12 Mbps plan I typically et between 12 and 20 Mbps during the day with speeds in the 8 to 10 Mbps during prime time in the evenings.
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I downloaded a 25GB game in less than 4 hours early this morning. Pretty good for me on a congested beam, but the hours between 6AM and 8AM are usually when I get my fastest speeds.

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That certainly has to be an anomaly.  I'm pretty happy overall but I don't even try to d/l large files or stream video during prime time as I know it's not going to work.