It's been nine months since I requested my refund for my equipment where's my money $300 is a lot to me I don't know you you owe me

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I have asked for my refund on my equipment after I moved because I never picked it up I sent it in cuz they charge me $300 for it and I have requested my money back ever since and I have not got nowhere that keeps saying my case was closed I either want my money back or you can put it as a credit to my bill because you no longer will be charging out of my account I told you not to but you did it anyway until I have my account up to date you owe me I don't owe you I will be reporting this to the better business bureau at the end of this message because you've had almost nine months to get me my money back for my equipment it's not like I haven't tried to communicate
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The BBB has no power, they aren't a government agency and has Viasat rated A+. They probably have a couple 1,000 complaints against Viasat on their website. One more will do nothing, why people keep wasting their time threatening to contact them is beyond me. You might as well threaten to tell your mommy.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Where's my refund that I was promised for returning my equipment when I moved.

When I moved I was told to return my equipment after UPS never showed up to pick it up was alerted after you charged me $300 you told me that I would get that back as soon as I got those to you that was almost 10 months ago over 9 months and I still keep getting the runaround with you every time I try to get ahold of you my money is just more important to me than yours is I'll tell you right now because you have put me in the home you lied and you still stealing from me how would you like it if I didn't pay you I am on a budgeted income and you knew it so I canceled my card to pay you with either you can get me my $300 that you owe me that is taking you almost a year to get back to me that you still haven't are you can take that right off the top of that 300 for this month's bill because I am not sending you another dollar I'm going to the better business bureau because nobody else should have to put up with what you're putting me through right put your shoe on the other foot you might feel like you stepped in a pile of cow manure. I actually feel like I've had it thrown in my face because of the way you've done me because I thank you for your service now stinks it never was very good it's at streaming it's always slow and half the time it takes 3 hours to watch an hour and a half movie show you're lying to customers put it in big bold letters that you're lying quit putting it in tiny letters at the bottom so did you forget to put it on there at all because I'm really upset I want my money back I'm tired of asking
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Please email us at  Be sure to include the account number and an explanation of your situation.
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Ronn you should have called and talked to me and I would have told you to avoid them and hughsnet they both charge way too much and throttle your data back most of the time. I only use DSL from the phone company or cable internet. I have heard of a new company called Vyve that is providing some type of fiber optic service to more rule areas.
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and hughsnet they both charge way too much and throttle your data back most of the time.
Your research needs some updating. 
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Holt, what do you suggest people use if they can’t get DSL, cable or wireless?
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Well he spelled Vyve right.  As far as the area it services, I have no idea.