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I have several issues, but will try not to make this a "rant" or too long. I am hoping for some help. I have stressed the issue a few times today. But with no resolution. So, immediately ViaNet closes the case without a resolve, and I have to start all over or raise a "new" case. It should stay open until resolved to a customers satisfaction I would think. Apparently not so. Here is the issue, the tech rep seems to push yet another sell rather than fix my problem. I live in rural East Texas. We have had a lot of rain over the past few days. I understand that satellite anything is sketchy during heavy rain. I have come to accept that. It is, what it is. That said, today, rain has slowed quite a bit, but internet service did not come back. I re-booted the modem and my WiFi router several times, because I know that is on a service rep's "check list" of things to do. This was to no avail. I went outside with a towel to see if I can wipe down my dish and dry it in hopes that would help. I did that, but also noticed that the horn on the LNBF was full of water, and covered with condensation on the inside of the lens. I would assume that might be an issue getting a signal through all that. For the meantime, I strapped a hair dryer aimed at the horn in hopes it would dry it out some. It did reduce the condensation, and slowly removing the water in it behind the lens, and my connectivity did return to some extent with the condensation brought down enough for a signal to get through. But, it is still half full of water. I am also going to assume that this equipment is not supposed to have water inside of it, and that it would be water proof, or at least water resistant seeing it is designed to be out in the elements. To me, this seems like an equipment failure, if it is letting water get behind the lens of the LNBF horn obstructing the signal. I called to ask to have this repaired, or replaced. They refuse to send someone out, unless I agree to pay them more. I already pay more than $100 a month for marginal service. The equipment does not belong to me, it belongs to them. So, THEY should be sure it is good, working equipment. I pay them to provide me with internet connectivity, and it is up to them to provide me with the equipment to be able to get their service. If they can not provide me with service, why am I paying them over $100 a month? If they can not provide me with good working equipment and service, from my perspective, THEY are in breach of contract and our agreement, and I should be free to seek other provider options with no penalties that I am sure they would want to impose. I am a disabled veteran, on a fixed income and need to carefully justify what I spend, and I can not justify spending over $100 a month to a provider that will not, or can not provide me with proper, working equipment to utilize their service. Am not not going to pay them even more, to receive marginal speeds, and services I do get. Is there any customer service person out there that can help me get this taken care of. I am hearing impaired, and have very difficult time communicating over the phone, only be be sent around in circles for hours, and then only to find out I have to start over because the case has been closed, but not resolved. You want to keep me as a customer? Then help me get good service. If not, I have no other choice but to look into other options. 
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Sounds like equipment failure to me.  Hopefully they will repair it for you.
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Tony, Please email your account and contact information as well as a link to or, a copy of your post to They will be happy to assist you via email.

Alternately, you can access Customer Care via Live Chat here: Just select AGENT CHAT on that page.