Is there a bandwidth monitor I can load or a third party one I can use to get real time usage?

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Is there bandwidth monitor I can load locally or a service I can subscribe to where I can get real time usage information independent of exede?
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Posted 6 years ago

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Assuming you are on a Windoze PC, there are many.  DUMeter (download upload) is one I've used in the past, and many people over on the wildblueworld forum suggest Networx.  Try where you can see lots of share/freeware, with user and "editor" reviews.  Just beware of added crapware software that gets added to downloads from there (easily avoided if you pay attention to what you are clicking when you install).
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I would like to comment on this.  I believe a company is only as good as their customer service.  The customers are asking you for a desktop usage meter to monitor their usage without logging into their account.  As a customer, I am looking for a provider who is customer friendly and looking to improve customer relations.  Your customers are asking for a desktop usage meter.  I too am wanting a desktop meter to monitor my usage.  It stands to reason if you want to maintain your customer base you may want to look into providing this service, before another company does and steals your customers.
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Hi All,
I have submitted this inquiry/idea for consideration.  I do not know if an application like this is being developed at this time, and I think it is a great idea.  I will post any response/update I receive on this thread.

Thanks for sharing and please continue! 
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"We don't have a third-party tool or application our customers can use to monitor their usage separately besides Thank you."

Yeah, that link doesn't work for Exede users anymore and by definition, "third-party" is an outside vendor or company that provides a specific service. Of course you don't have that because you do not advocate such applications, yet they do exist.

Sorry Zac and Elizabeth, but you really did not help this customer with their question. Here are a few of the most popular third-party applications and their links:

For Windows 8 users:

and this is a good one too:

Hope that helps you and others looking for the same answer.  =)
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How about monitors that work on iOS and ipad versions
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 I use Networx, from SoftPervect.
It tracks usage on PCs and can coordinate among computers in a network to  display total usage, as well as detailing when, and which programs are using how much data. It's free, but  only works with PCs
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It works great and is very accurate, and works on all ISP's
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When using Networx remember to go to the settings and on the main tab set the multiplier to Kilo not Kibi. Computers read 1 GB as 1024 MB whereas allot of companies put it at 1000 MB. This is why when you buy a hard drive that says it is 250 GB and hook it up to your computer it ends up being only about 244 GB or sometimes even less depending on how much room the system takes up of it in formating. I bought a 250 GB external Hard Drive and ended up with 239 GB before putting anything on the drive. 

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