Is it ever ok for unlimited plan to be .21 mbps down?

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I understand, you throttle during congested network activity when my 150gb priority data runs out, BUT, do you consider .21Mbps download acceptable? That is what I am experiencing right now. I would like to know what the lowest threshold is for this service because I was experiencing .13 just an hour ago and I find it incredibly absurd that you can't provide all your customers 1mbps as a low threshold. My speed has been hovering between 2 times and 3.5 times dialup. 
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Posted 2 years ago

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We are currently looking into the 150 unlimited plan.  25 Mbps ... big deal.  I dont want to hear proclaimed "up to" speeds I want to know what percentage of my day will be spent with unusable speeds!  Yes unlimited data will be nice, but I keep seeing feedback stating the unlimited data and higher speed does NOTHING for congestion!  Paying $100 more each month to suffer the same problem I have now is a real hard pill to swallow!

This is why I dropped to the lowest data plan.  Why pay for more data at "restricted" speeds?  However, I have noticed some disturbing things since spending so much time under "restriction" since the drop.  They sling the terms "speed" and "data" like they are one in the same.  "Restriction" is supposed to affect my speed a.k.a. slow me down, yet how come a page loads at .28 Mbps when not in restriction, but will not load at the same speed under restriction?  I click to open a web page  and get redirected to a page telling me I have used all my data, and suggests I purchase more.  THAT IS NOT RESTRICTION!   That is a direct interruption/interception of my data!  Another thing I have noticed is the longer I am "restricted" the worse it gets.  Despite my "speeds" remaining the same (less than 1Mbps) at 3 - 5 days is SLOW, 5-7 days is VERY SLOW, but after 7 days I find 20 - 25% of my requests receive "page not found" or "request timed out" errors, and I get the majority of the redirects.

The wife and I are night owls and we are on the Exede12 plan with our "free zone" from 12AM to 5AM.  Without it we would DIE!  This is when we do all of our non social media online functions, like downloads, updates, videos etc.  We find it comical that some nights at 11:59PM we can be enjoying 4 - 6 Mbps speeds (unrestricted) and magically at 12:01AM we have jumped to 14, 16 one night we even saw 24 Mbps for a brief time!  I am NOT complaining, but unless they have found a way to mysteriously shut down 75% of the devices on my beam exactly at midnight, I dont see how this fits the "congestion" scenario.

We started with Hughesnet, we HATED them!  We still had a year under their contract when we started on Exede.  We were very pleased for a few years and made the switch to Exede voice for our home phone.  After that everything went downhill.  Since then we feel overwhelmed with lies and deceptive tactics ... 98% of them relating to the Viasat2 delays and congestion issue.  I would like to applaud the Exede "employees" here in the forums for their honesty and openness on just about every subject, but let me also add that is NOT the same experience you get calling customer service on the phone!   

My biggest piece of advice at this time is Exede needs to back off on "new subscribers" a bit and put more effort into rebuilding the confidence of their existing customers.  Word of mouth is the best advertisement and when so many are disgruntled it doesnt result in recommendations to friends.   I remember the good days when Exede functioned as promised, and I anxiously await a return to that when Viasat2 goes online, note I said ANXIOUSLY, NOT PATIENTLY LOL   I just cant help but feel it is WRONG to tempt me at this time with "unlimited", limited to 150, and speeds "up to" 25 Mbps on the same congested beam they cant provide me the 12 Mbps I am "supposed" to be getting now for the outrageous sum of $100 MORE a month!  I dont see how in any way, shape, or form that relates to rebuilding customer confidence.

Sorry for the rant, but I actually STARTED writing this 2 days ago.  First as a comment to another thread, then as a new thread, and bit my tongue.   After reading this post I had to get it off my chest!
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wow , i have nothing to add , you said it all