Is anyone getting 720p on the Silver Unlimited plan?

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From what I understand, the throttle on the Silver plan for video is 1.5mbps.  In many cases, especially on netflix which has suberb optimization, this is enough for a 720p picture quality.  On my smart tv, I can press the info button when streaming and it'll give me the exact video resolution.  To save bandwidth, I've always had netflix on "good" quality which limits bandwidth to 1.0 mbps and on certain shows that are "talky" and not "action" oriented even 1.0mbps gives me a 720p picture.

Does the viasat optimization just limit bandwidth or are they reducing it to 480p regardless?  In other words, if 0.75 mbps is good enough for 480p on netflix is the algorithm smart enough to give you that or is "dumb" and giving you 1.5mbps regardless which in many cases is 720p on netflix?
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Posted 2 years ago

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Viasat optimization isn't that intelligent. Each plan is optimized to a certain mbps level depending on the quality your plan has.
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Several of us have tested the Silver plan streaming rate and it has shown to be 1.5 mbs.  The same as the Data Saver option on the non unlimited plans.  I wouldn't think 1.5mbs would give you 720p.
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Unlimited plan from Viasat (Exede) as they are today are a complete and shameful scam. Home Internet providers know that videos use a lot of data so what the are basically doing is making you pay for video quality at a high price. And I still the when the use the term optimized for video, it’s false averting! They actually downgrading you video streams to Horribly Low quality.
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You should see the unlimited offers that hughesnet keeps sending me.
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Although I understand Viasat's reason for "optimizing" resolution to 480p on the Silver 25 plan, I would like the choice of turning it on or off myself. Not sure, but I think that the throttling is affecting CBS News live streaming as the channel regularly pauses every five seconds or so, which makes for a very unsatisfactory viewing experience.
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Very few “live” shows stream without buffering in my experience. Pluto has it figured out, but most others either won’t adapt or can’t.

To piggyback the comments about streaming quality, if unlimited plans kept on running at normal speeds and didn’t have a priority allotment, I’d feel much better about being throttled on my video resolution. As it currently stands, on my beam at least, you aren’t going to be streaming prime time after 150GB anyhow. So you get lower resolution, some buffering at times, and then still can’t stream at all times after 150GB. Not sure now that ViaSat 2 is going to change any of that.
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The funny thing is, I have watched a number of live streaming events in HD while flying and not an ounce of buffering. So it us possible. But you do need a fast enough connection. Sort of sad I can stream better at 30,000 feet than at home.
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Silver is advertised at 480p