Is anyone else having a spike in data usage?

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Is anyone else having a spike in data usage? I am on the 150 GB plan and never came close to using it all until the last two months when I have had to buy extra data. I think these guys are getting to me. There is no way we started using 60 more GB per month all of a sudden.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Terry, please send an email to with your account and contact information. Ask for a usage review. They will be able to give you a better idea of where your data is going.
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When I added Cel phone signal extender, my data spiked. I disconnected it. When I added a Amazon Echo, my data spiked. I disconnected it. Even when I added a Ring doorbell, my data spiked! Look closely at ANYTHING that may use the Internet.
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I am using more data this month too, but my router says usage is 800mb more than they do. I'm with Dave. Something changed on your LAN
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I'll second David Kingman and Grumpyoldman on this.  Something changed on your LAN, and, if it were me having the problem you are experiencing, the first thing I would look for is malware or a rogue wifi device (and likely user as well).
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Now I never thought about Malware, but would that account for the discrepancy In the data reported by the modem and the router?
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bummer, but ive read others having a similar issue with data being used/lost in excessive amounts.
 I have recently began tracking my data with my routers firmware [recommended by a fellow user] and my router shows 998 mb both way usage and the exced user dashboard reports 1.5 gb - so yeah it is my proof of what has been happening the last two months - data is used and in the old case my network was off and nothing could come in and my PC showed less than 2 gb that month, but they showed it over the 10.3 gb - - -
I have read others reporting similar issues and yes we have called them, but they* on the phone - told us what thier software reports -
 I replied "Yes this is a HUGE discrepancy. A very BIG difference in what my computer reports usage and your report shows"
 they all had the same reply. . .
buy another plan - which we have - and now it using/losing even more data while we are sleeping. . . 
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Just a quick story for you and I will go away. I have the sb2 Boost with a router behind it with pass through enabled in the DMZ  of the exede  router. If you are using that router and you have accidentally bypassed you personal router,  the traffic count  on your personal router will be wrong. I've done this and the error was really significant because my directv was downloading on demand programming. That's why I agree with Dave Kingman. If you have spikes of data usage that you cannot explain by your online activity something's changed. My traffic count since then has always reported more use than theirs. And that's to be expected because their usage is a snapshot from as much as 24 hrs ago whereas the router traffic is instantaneous. I'm NOT saying you do not have a problem. But really take a look for stupid stuff like what I did.