Internet stops working every evening around 8pm. Does not come back on for 11-13 hours.

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Every evening for the past few weeks, like clockwork, the internet stops working. It does not come back on at all until the NEXT DAY around 11 or 12pm. The weather does not have to be bad, it can be as clear as day and it will still go out. I can't express how frustrating this is. I live in a very rural, unpopulated area. Over half the day I don't have service. A month ago, it would go out normally when it rained or was really cloudy, and with satellite that's to be expected, no matter what any sales rep tells you. But this, however, is not acceptable. Maybe someone needs to come out here to look at the equipment. I don't know. If it was the equipment then I doubt it would be going out consistently like it is. If Exede is currently having problems with their satellites the customers should be notified. I just want to know what the heck is going on. 
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How do the lights look when it goes out? Try looking at the modems web page when it is working and when it is not. I only loose the Exede when a Tornado is between me and the satellite. During last years snow my direct went out, but the Exede did not. The equipment was changed out when I went to the Evolution, so my milage may vary now. I know that I have never gotten over 4mb dl rate day or night and I can't tell when I have maxed out, it is the same rate. Speed tests always say that I am at 12-18mb download rate, but downloading a movie will take over an hour, but if I tether to my cell phone a movie of the same size only takes about 12 minutes.

I still like it because it has been very reliable, a lot more than my dal that I had cut off. Check the lights on the modem you might print off the stats from the web page when it is working and not. But if it goes off and comes back at the exactly same times, it sounds like it is plugged into an outlet on a timer. I did that once with my DirecTV SWB switch. it took me forever to figure it out.
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Thank you for your reply, does the web page work when there's no internet? My DirecTV has only gone out once in 4 months when we had severe weather.. I actually wish it was the other way around (TV out, not internet). The lights look the same to me, but then again I haven't tried to look for any changes. I will tonight when it will go out again. I actually don't have a problem with the speeds WHEN it's working. I usually only surf webpages and read for schooling. I'm actually very happy with the service when it works.
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Hello Lisa another thought since it's going out at certain time and coming back  on again at certain time have you checked computer settings. Not sure where you would check but when I got my new Windows 7 computer a couple of months ago (tower) the thing kept going black about every 1/2 hour. Was driving me nits so went to control panel and started searching each thing. Finally found out it was some setting Windows had set. So I changed it. No more computer blackouts but these updates can mess you up some times. Just a thought.
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Hi Lisa Fine, That is definitely odd that it is shutting off and turning back on at certain times. I want to take a look into your connectivity for you and see what might be causing this. Please send me an email to and I can get this figured out. =) 
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I'm having the same problem. All the light on the modem are on but most stop blinking. Goes out several times a dya or night for 5 minutes or so and then resumes. 
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Pt Reaves, I'd like to help you get that fixed. To keep your information private, please send me an email at with your account information and I will take a look.
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Same here all lights are on but stop blinking and stops working for hours
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I have been having the same problem as Pt Reaves lately and frankly, I have considered dropping exede and going with a different internet service. Please help!!!!
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Hello Melanie, this is truly not what we like to hear. The last thing we want is to lose a valued customer; we definitely understand your concerns and would hate to see you go because of this. Please feel free to Customer Care line a call at 1-855-463-9333 so they can address these issues you’re having concerning your modem. Thank you
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When this happens and your service goes out call exede at 1-855-463-9333 and make them look at your account and see what's going on. Or send an email and have them look over your account. Problem there is most likely they won't know what's happening unless they happen to call you when your service is out
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Other option is look up your local dealer and call then when your server goes out. They have tools that can run also to see what's going on. The list of dealers can be found on Exede's website

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