Internet stopping and going all the time.

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We keep having our internet cutting out and then going all the time. I just use my excede modem hooked to a router that goes to mine and my moms computer. I checked and the speeds of the internet go up and down and when it gets down to 0 it causes my downloads to error and stop and the highest download speed it gotten to was around 3 mb a second.
Mine is always going up and down alot and sometimes mine even stops for a bit (Even out for minutes at a time) and I can't get any web pages or anything to load until the speed goes back up. 

I think Excede needs to kick up the speed more and add more to the servers and such to keep up with demand on the usage speed so it don't keep slowing down to slow when alot are using the net. 

I think this is an issue that many people on Excede are having with they're internet going out and coming back on all the time and it needs to be tended to by excede's technicians to get it upgraded more so the net keeps up with demand of usage. 
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Posted 3 years ago

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I think they should kick up the speed to at least minimum they sell you on. I can't even run speed tests some nights because it is so slow and I pay for 25Mbps.
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You're beating a dead horse... and reality.

How do you propose they do that?

The satellite is the bottleneck. ViaSat-1 (i.e. the satellite itself) has a total capacity of 140 Gbps. That capacity is exceeded during prime time hours. Do the math... 140 Gbps shared by 660,000 subscribers. Now do the math to determine the maximum number of subscribers possible if guaranteeing everyone 25 or even 12 mbps at any instant in time (thereby eliminating the "up to" clause). I doubt many of would be able to afford that minimum guarantee.

Adding server capacity wont' solve that during times when the majority of those subscribers want to be online. Only relief would be dropping subscribers. Actually subscriber counts have decreased recently, but are now offset by more generous plans which everybody wanted including myself. Careful what you wish for...    

New satellite adds capacity, then the cycle starts anew. Things are good for a few years, then back to slow while we await yet another satellite. Been there, done that with WIldblue -1, then ViaSat-1 as we await ViaSat-2 for relief.

Brian's issue may be as Bev points out...       

Not defending Exede just being realistic.
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I know I am, just trying to give him moral support. I have long ago given up on getting what I was sold since they hide behind the "up to" argument with impunity. Just counting the days until contract runs out or a new tech comes out for people in rural area. Sick of hearing other people being able to use theirs while I suffer every night, 580 Kbps right now. Oh boy
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well they ALWAYS say when you sign up is the estimated speed is 12mbps upload AND download is 3-4mbps... THEY ALWAYS say that... people just dont get it... i guess... BUT!!! i was playing onto multiplayer games last night onto my ps4... so me sowy if i took some of your network away ;-;
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Probably not on same beam. But your comment shows one reason customers can be upset. You get to play video games while I can't. I am at 19Mbps right now.
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Type into the address bar of your browser - just the numbers and dots, press enter. That will take you to the Modem Status page. Click on MODEM, go to the bottom of that page, look at the Client Side Proxy section.

Watch that section for a few minutes, if you see Connected and Health Low memory, keep watching for it to say Disconnected. Wait a few minutes and, see if it goes back to connect and low health.

That sounds exactly like what mine has been doing. If your is doing that, please email your account information and, tell them you have a CPS problem to If that is not happening, email them your account information and a brief description of your connectivity issues, they will be able to take a look and see what is going on.