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My internet speeds are slower than average (around 3 Mbit/s download and upload). I've reset my router and modem multiple times, and my speeds are still slow. I have not exceeded my monthly data cap. However, I have noticed that the speeds do return to average in the morning, around 7:00 A.M. Around 5:00 P.M., they start to slow again. When I look on the modem status page, everything appears to be fine.

Could humidity be an issue? If so, I have found the cause of my problem.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Leonard, it is most likely the traffic congestion on your beam. Many users are on in the 5 p.m. to 11 pm time frame, and the network is just loaded to the limits.
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Yep, like Steve said, a daily pattern to your speeds like you describe is most likely due to congestion in your beam.  Just too many users on during that time period.  And of course, the pre-Christmas is the absolute worst case because of all of the online browsing/shopping.  After Christmas when the kids have finished downloading all of their new game updates and gone back to school, maybe things will ease up a bit.  For some odd reason, this is one of the few years I have not experienced the Christmas Crunch in my beam.
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Just wait, JEP... it's coming ;)

Saw some early indication of it last night on our beam. Mostly related to inability to loading cascading style sheets on secure connections due to timeouts (even this one for a brief period). Wouldn't be surprised to find that's the case on Facebook issues being reported recently as web developers start pushing the envelope with CSS and more sites switch to secure connections.  
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Now you said that JEP you'll probably get Christmas Crunch. Hope you stay lucky. Have a nice day/night.
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Hanging in there, 18Mbps at 3PM on a Saturday afternoon.  Maybe everyone is out shopping at the brick & mortar stores. :-)

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Hi Leonard, The forum has made some valid points. We can certainly look at your individual account to verify if congestion is in your beam and is causing slower speeds.  Please send your account and contact information to Thanks and Happy Holidays!
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About 3 weeks ago we noticed this pattern.  Before I have never complained before about the speed of excede I have always been happy  I ran out of DATA about a week ago so decided to check out the new plans went with the Liberty 12 plan over my classic 10 ...  When they changed our plan we immediately had better service, for about 2 hours ... then right back to  cannot even  load pictures in facebook all night long.. So when you work all day come home and cannot use your internet.... Why are we paying you ... I'm thinking I will have to find someone else that cares that we cannot use the service we are paying for.   Also Bryan was supposed to call me back so we could get our password changed on our modem .... NO CALL waited 2 days .. he was going to call me next day.
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This issue is becoming quite problematic. We have noticed a steady decline in speed over the past month or two, at all times, not just during the 'peak' periods. Down to less than 2Mb download at times. Tech support was called and found no problems other than congestion. Service rep came out and installed new modem, and even with his computer directly connected to the modem he was only able to attain 4Mb down, and that was during an "off-peak" period. It is becoming quite obvious that they have oversold the number of users that the system can reliably serve, and until they open up some new paths everyone in the affected area will continue to experience very slow speeds at all times. Maybe when the new satellites are up it will improve, but until then I would caution against transitioning to any new programs in hopes of seeing improvements.

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