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The internet speeds on my Apple TV box, PlayStation and iPhone through WiFi is extremely slow and we've already had a technician come back to look at it. We are extremely dissatisfied with the service and would like a solution to this problem.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Lake Country Satellite

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First question I would ask is what data plan are you on and have you checked your data usage?  With the devices you have connected, all are bandwidth vampires.  You need to optimize your playback settings to their lowest bandwidth setting to maximize your data.  The second question I would ask is what kind of router do you have and how old is it?  Routers are one of the leading causes of slow speeds in many cases.
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Hi Drew,  I'm sorry your internet is experiencing slow speeds. Lake Country Satellite is correct.  There are many reasons for slow speed from the equipment to the devices you have connected . Please send an email with your account and contact information and we will try to figure this out for you.  
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Diana, Can you help with my experience the last two days? Read post below:

I called tech support yesterday at 4:45am about slow speed—see below (I do have two years of history saved). Here is the conversation:
  • They had me do the normal power everything down, unplug, etc., which I had already done.
  • Their speed test showed I was getting 35 Mbps download. (Note: When she said her test results was 35Mbps, I asked how can that be? This is another conversation, but do not let that be the final in a tech support conversation. )
  • I told them I would hard wire direct into the modem to bypass my Airport Extreme that I was currently hard-wired through—I had WIFI turned off.
  • I was getting the same speed as shown below.
  • The customer service rep then ran some more test on the modem.
  • She then asked to put me on hold
  • She came back and told me the problem is that the satellite is contested because it is peek time (understood, but to this degree? Look below.), but also that the new satellite was recently launched  and should be online in a couple of weeks, and that service will be back up to speed. (Fine, I understand growth pains)
  • So I asked for a credit and she did, $25, which is more than a day's subscription.
  • They very kindly gave it. Thank you.
I go up this morning and ran a Speed Test. The speed was slower (see below), so I called Exude to see if I could get credit for today:
  • Support said I had to go through all the hoops I jumped through yesterday
  • I asked if she would just read the notes instead since nothing has changed on my side.
  • She said it does not work like that.
  • I told her my wife asleep and would not wake here up since the modem is in the next room.
  • I mentioned the new satellite and what the support person told me yesterday about it being congested, and also that it is known news that ViaSat1 is congested. 
  • She said she cannot give me credit without running the test, and that she does not watch the news. (I would think Exceed would train their people a little better. Do they not have a company newsletter?)
  • So, I will call back at 9:30 and jump through the hoops. I might be doing this scenario daily until the satellite comes on line. We'll see.
I did put in a request to give a little concession to Exceed customers, at least at this span of time before the satellite goes live:

I asked that once a preliminary hoop jumping tech support call is made and tests are run,  a customer could then simply call tech support or email their Speed Test results and receive credit without the half hour tech call plus hold time.

For Exceed to run the tier one tests is reasonable, but once that is done on a known issue, give us customers a break. That is Customer Service. 

When the satellite is turned on and functioning, go back business as usual.

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Jeff, you will need to send an email to to get the help from the Exede team. Please be sure to include your account number and a phone number.

Do not post these things here, this is a public forum. Exede cannot identify your account in this forum, thus send the email. They will help you.
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I don't see anything wrong with those download speeds.  What am I missing here?
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It looks like he is expecting Exede to credit him $25.00 a day for each day his speeds drop below the 25 Mbps his plan says. Whoopee
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Jeff Northway

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Thanks Steve. I have now emailed everything over to them.We will see what happens.

As an FYI, the information I received from tech support yesterday evening has has been discounted by Excede as "hooey":

“The technical support line that you called is a 3rd party company that has a contract with Exede to provide customer service on behalf of Exede.  The people there do not work for Exede, are script driven filters, and, in your case at least, are not giving you correct information. I get the impression that the tech support number that you called fed you a line of hooey...” 

I do like honesty, but kind of worrisome, and wearisome when you cannot get an issue resolved.

The response from Excede xode0000 Champion was quick. I really appreciated it. Here is what he said:

"...I suspect that your problem might not be satellite congestion at all.  What do I believe your problem to be?  How about: the cable between your modem and tria (the box on your dish) has degraded; your dish has gotten out of alignment; there are obstacles such as trees between your dish and its line of sight to the satellite; your dish is covered with dirt; etc."

The only possible from the above list is the dish out of alignment or the tira. We will see, but as a small mountain community we neighbors talk and there is some slow down talk in our town—but I do take it with a grain of salt per Excede xode0000 Champion's comments.

Below is my SNR and Cable Resistance.

I post this before I go off line only so others might learn something. I have overall been extremely pleased with Excede, but remember the days when Hughes Net over sold their satellite (which is why I went with Excede), so I am still keeping this congestion thing as a possible problem in this time of life for Excede. Hey, I am all for growing!


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Jeff Northway

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Here is my plan:
Plan Type: Freedom 150 GB - Boost 25 + WiFi
Data Allocation: 150.0 GB per month

I average around 35Mbps down and 3 to 4 up.
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Steve Frederick-VS1/Beam314, Champion

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Jeff, your numbers look good. Resistance might be a little high, but that might be from a long coax run between your dish and modem. The RxSNR is very good.
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Jeff Northway

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Thanks Steve!

As of 12:34 pm PST here are my numbers:

Pretty ugly for a sunny day, not a cloud in the sky and no trees.

A friend of mine two miles away who also has the Freedom plan ran a Speed Test at about 8:45 am today and his speeds in multiple tests ranged between 3.63Mbps  and 5.24 Mbps download. I am not sure he has the Boost 25 package. I have a call out to him.

And another friend (lives a half mile away and is an Excede customer) I frequently hike with told me yesterday that he has recently had to walk away from his TV because of no reception. But that is indicative of his computer skills, and I take it with a grain of salt. But never the less, I'm keeping it in the hopper for tech support to consider. 

Off to the horses.
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"It looks like he is expecting Exede to credit him $25.00 a day for each day his speeds drop below the 25 Mbps his plan says. Whoopee"

So then he will owe them $25 a day when he gets over 25mbs? 
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"As an FYI, the information I received from tech support yesterday evening has has been discounted by Excede as "hooey":"

For clarity's sake, champions are not Exede employees or tech support.

They are customers like yourself, who have proved helpful and tend to provide exceptional answers to questions posted on the forum.  If you do not see a tag marking a user as an Employee, they are not one. :-)
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Folks its ALL about where you live, what plan you're on and which bean on which satellite you're on which will determine your speed levels once you've used all your data.   therefore the experience will be very different from person to person as to what they are doing online, not to mention the various device variables.   unless i have the exact same devices, the same plan, with the same number of family members online doing the exact same processes, living in your town on your satellite, then I cannot relate to your experience.  your negative experience pertains only to you.   It rarely means "Viasat sucks" like people want to generally say.  Satellite technology is what it is and in order to be affordable and profitable for all parties, everyone can't be on it all at the same time streaming Netflix.   You're the one who chooses to live in a rural area and so this is what it is.  Want the benefits of a city, like fiber and broadband at every home, then move to the city.  But moving to the sticks and then complaining that there aren't any shopping malls makes no sense.   The same is true with internet service.   Before, when you ran out of data, you immediately had no internet at all until your billing cycle - none.  Emails? forget it.  Need to log on real quick with the bank?  Nope.  It was a major problem and complaint.  So Viasat figured out a way for that NEVER to happen to ANYONE who has an unlimited plan - that's all it is.  Viasat isn't lying or hiding anything.  What did you think the numbers were for after each "Unlimited?"   Your data cap that guarantees your speed, of course.  Once that's up your speed is gone, but now you can at least CHECK YOUR DAMN EMAIL, right?  It's a major improvement and people just need to stop being so demanding, entitled and ignorant.

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