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I am pretty sure that my computer has been hacked by someone possibly from India that called over two years ago telling me that my computer had a virus. I fell for this act just like some others. They have been calling me pretending to be from Microsoft but now I along with others know better but I think they still have my information from years ago. Do you handle anything concerning this. When I try to use the internet, sometimes everything just blanks off the screen and goes back to the menu home page.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Change your passwords if you suspect they have any of them.
Download and run the Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool
It is free and does not install anything, it just runs but is not a permanent anti-virus solution.
You might want to wait until the Late Night Free Zone in your area, it's about 88 MB.
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Hi Shirely,   Craig is correct. You need to make sure your account is now
secure. Backup your important files from the previously infected drive. You'll want to get all your personal data off of
the previously infected drive. Copy your photos, documents, media, and other
personal files to DVD, CD, or another clean hard drive. If you are not sure how to do these
things, I suggest taking your computer to a reputable PC repair shop. We
do not have access to your computer.
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This is the same phone call I received yesterday. Some fool with a heavy Indian accent called and told me that they have determined my Windows computer was infected with a virus and other malware. I calmly replied really and then asked him what Windows edition I had. He said it doesn't matter your computer is infected. I then asked him How in the H@## could a Windows virus infect my Linux Operating system. I heard only silence for a few seconds and then he said Oh! you have Linux I said that's right and then I proceded the call him every filthy name I could think of until he hung up
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You'll find satisfied Linux users over at:

In particular, view the following member's profile:
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Hey Gary

 After a couple of false starts due to an Exede installer who refused to return phone calls and a phone conversation with an Exede personel  who told me that no new installs of any package was available in my area. I have finally found what seems to be a reliable installer. My install is set for Feb. 1st so as of now I can't answer your question other than to say I see no problems. Linux has come a long way over the years and the more I read about all the problems people are having with Windows I am so glad I made the switch to Linux years ago.

                                                    Linux Mint KDE 17.2
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Hey Merle Thanks

I currently have HughesNet which is way to expensive after Tax and Fees 62.55 a month for only 5GB Data.  It works great under Linux so expect Exede will as well I was just wondering about the modem.  I have the Gen4 and HT1100 modem and can get 15+M downloads most of the time.  Now uploads only dial in at 800K most of the time. The install is set for 02-03 so I will stop Hughes on the 2nd if the installer is a no show then I will reinstate HughesNet and argue with them.

Linux Mint Cinnamon 17.3

I am not sure but I think 17.3 is now available for KDE.  With Cinnamon it really made a difference especially the NVIDIA HD Graphics.
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Yes I saw where Linux Mint KDE 17.3 is available but I wanted to wait until after my install and bills are paid before I switch
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Hi Shirley, Have a look here and you can get the help you need for free, without the scam / games. Be careful what you backup and when seeing you don't know the extent of the infection or breach.
I am a member of the community located here and we can help you, have a look and see what you think. --> if you decide you want honest help, at the top of the page click on "Malware Help"
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I has the same issue with you, but it was a pop-up scam named It pretended to Microsoft technical support serveice to cheat my money. Luckily I fixed the problem by following these tips . Your problem might be caused by some suspisious freeware you installed accidentally. Try to check Control Panel > Programs and reset the router settings like IP and DNS data.
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Best solution is a good anti-virus, anti spy and malware program that you keep updated and, secure, not easy to guess passwords on everything you can possibly password protect, then go change those any time you even think you might have been hacked.

I've only had one account hacked EVER and, I happen to be online and using the app for it when it was hacked so, I caught it due to being repeatedly logged out so another computer could log in to my account. I changed the PW and, notified the company the account is with immediately. Then did a deep scan with my AV suite. No unauthorized changes to my account, no harm done to me but, that was only because I caught it and, did all I needed to do to resolve it and reclaim my account ASAP.

Sadly, we can't relax online, we've got to be on guard at all times, or have top notch software to be on guard for us.

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