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5/10/2018 I was under the impression with the faster speeds my son gaming would run great. However it lag to much. Just signed the contract today. If this can't be corrected. I would like to cancel. Thank you,
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No.  First person shooter (FPS) games will not run well on satellite internet regardless of the speed.  This is due to latency.  Latency is the delay it takes to send/receive a satellite signal, and on satellite it is 600+ms because of the distance the signal must travel (up to space and back).  In comparison, non-satellite latency is under 150ms.  So this issue cannot be corrected.

As far as cancelling, you are welcome to.  All you have to do is pay the early termination fee.

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Emulator! You can play old Atari games on your PC from the 70's and 80's. Talk about graphics! Lol

Gotta love playing old SNES games on your computer.  Played FFII and Zelda this way for years.  It's harder to find reliable ROMs these days, unfortunately. 
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PacnsacDave has it all!
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Speaking of emulators, I use Bluestacks. Does anybody have any other suggestions?
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xcom  war of the chosen is a my go to game
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Did your installer not explain to you about the high latency that is inherent to satellite internet? It makes many games, such as first person shooters, unplayable.
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Latency, usually called ping in gaming, is the issue with SOME games. I am a gamer. I play Rift and, recently, thanks to NCSoft server changes, Aion, Battlefield 1 and Eve Online regularly along with other games occasionally. 

First person shooters do not work well on satellite - latency will never be under 550 and, usually is 600 to 800 ms. That mans when your son give a command there is anywhere from 1/4 to 3/4 of a second lag. Now in raids or other large groups that can be worse if the game server lags a bit during such events. I have seen it as bad as 1-2 seconds lag.

Less than a second lag may not sound like much but, in many games, that's enough to get your character killed. I'd suggest non FPS games. Try RPG like Aion, Rift and, similar games. Play a ranged character or, at least one that can begin combat at range and pull enemies to them. Learn how to deal with the lag before going into PvP combat.

Yes it can be done, my mage in Rift is one of the top Pvp mages and, my archer is in the top 50 overall always. In Aion my chanter is in the top 100 and he isn't max level yet. My sorcerer just started PvP and, is already in the top 200. Sure I die from lag occasionally but, I've learned to deal with it and, use the best skill rotation to maximize my damage output quickly. I might die in a 4 on one fight, but I promise you, I will take 3 of the 4 with me. One on one or PvE, the enemy is going down, not me.

Was it easy? No it took time to learn and, the rotations for skills in guides and what other players suggest isn't always best for a satellite player but, it's possible and, it's enjoyable once you learn how to game on high latency connections.

Don't look at the lag as a hindrance but rather as an added challenge. If you can do it, that means you're all the better of a player.

Now if it's non combat skills like fishing, crafting, gathering etc failing due to latency, contact the support people for the game. I've done that a few times and, every time, the next patch includes a fix and, it works. That is a pretty easy fix for game developers so, if you ask and, explain that you can't be the only player that doesn't have a low latency connection option and, that fixing it won't affect those that do have lower ping times, and, it isn't combat - they are usually happy to fix that game for you.

What faster speed, say 25 Mbps vs 12 Mbps, does is let you download the patches for the game faster - that's it, doesn't help with actual game play or lag - that's latency.
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"my mage in Rift is one of the top Pvp mages"

That is some sexy talk there Bev!!

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How well does Battlefield 1 play? I've heard it plays not so bad. Can you actually compete and survive?
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Yes you can, If you've never played the game, it may take half an hour or so to get the feel of it and, the first flying mission is a bit hairy with the latency but, other than that, it's good.

WARNING: BF1 is an 80 GB Download then updates for another 25 GB - getting it initially will kill your priority data.
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Does playing online games on a console - like a PlayStation four - improve compared to playing online games on a personal computer?
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Any game where reaction time matters will not work well with satellite internet. There is no way around the fact the signal has to make a 45,000 mile round trip.
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If you'd like to discuss your options, please email us at  Be sure to include your account information and a detailed description of your issue.
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Like others have said, some games work and some don't. I play mmorpg games on xbox one and find them to play rather well for the latency Viasat has. Skyforge is the best I have played that works with Viasat, Neverwiter is another that is good to play, Tera is not so good and is unplayable most times as it requires players to have good ping with it's class mechanics than other mmo related games. Fps games online will not be fun at all on Viasat due to latency. As for bandwidth usage while in game it does vary on the game, Skyforge uses at most 180 mb per hour while Neverwinter uses a bit more like 200 mb an hour. I'm happy with what works for me atm on Viasat 1 with the 25mps silver plan. 
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I feel bad when people accidentally get satellite for gaming. The people on the phone need to make it more clear to prevent people getting suckered in. Because other than that, viasat is a very good internet provider when it's your only option. If satellite your only option over dial up, I strongly suggest you keep it. You may end up being happy you did. Dial up sucks.