INFORMATION: IF you're experiencing Slow Speeds read this please.

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If you're experiencing very speeds during peak usage times every day please use and record your internet speed every day, several times (if you can) during the peak usage times of 5pm to 2am M-F, and Noon to 2am Sat-Sun. The key is gather and or collect as much documentation as possible, even when you call customer service record the call(s) (REMEMBER: You must let them know you're recording the call for "training purposes")

You can at anytime fill an official complaint report about Exede/ViaSat to the FCC, BBB, FTC and US Consumer Complaints.

If they do not fix this issue there will be a class action law suit started soon and you maybe able to recover some of your money back or get out of your contract without paying any extra charges.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Thank you for the info
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Have you had your dish and Tria and modem checked by exede service technician because most of the time I get great speeds.

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I believe that I smell a disturbing trend here by customers who irrationally keep complaining about speed.  That disturbing trend is that they want to show off how much data they can waste in as little time as possible as if doing so were some kind of status symbol.

What I mean by customers who irrationally keep complaining about speed are customers who, no matter how many tips and suggestions they are given to see what might be consuming bandwidth in or otherwise clogging up their network, do not try any of those tips and suggestions but instead keep complaining about speed, even though those tips and suggestions have worked many times over for other customers who also initially complained about speed.

Personally, I can and have functioned just fine for everyday internet use with just 150 kbps (0.15 Mbps, about 3X dial up) in terms of speed.  Further, I am not even limited to that 150 kbps.  Whenever I needed more speed, I have always gotten speed that is more than adequate for the job I needed it for at that time.
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i to smell disturbing trend also :/ but yet they cant even do the tips. they want to use up there data THEN leave icky old same boring complaining about not having good enough data or speeds... cause THEY are the ones who is using ALL of there data and yet they want more data so they tend to complain about it... cause THEY are the ones who is using all of there data up and keep on complaining and so on -.-
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Well I did not sign up for "150 kbps"it simply does not meet my requirements. Period. No other assumptions or opinions to cast upon others.
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I am one of these people who are complaining!!!! Had service 4 years before the switch to the Freedom plan. Had the 30gig Liberty plan and no issues at all.. Never had to call customer service or complain on this.  Was happy as could be when I checked and the Freedom plan was offered and jumped at the chance to switch plans. BIG MISTAKE!!! I have had this service through 4 Spring Breaks, so quit telling me it is Spring Breaks fault I am not getting my speeds!!! What are we going to do through the summer when they are at home all Summer!!! Tell me that??? Last night I couldn't even load ESPN on the computer that has a cord running to the modem!! RIDICOULOUS!!! My speeds at night are horrible and I work from 7am-7pm. So I cant take off work to come home and use the internet that I pay over a 100 dollars a month for!!! I have done the tips and if the same person who is a champion (whatever that means) keeps saying the same thing over and over how about giving me a answer how do I fix my speeds... They screwed up and over sold and if I don't hurry up and get a fix soon I will be one of these loyal (yes) loyal customers who will switch to Hughesnet!!! Upgraded to the 25 MPS wifi modem and speeds are slower and the wifi is awful. So if I wasn't already mad enough I just added 10 more dollars a month to my bill for service that was worse than before! Have already sent my info and they did there speed test, which im sure they did during the day and said nothing wrong. So I will just wait until one night when I cant take anymore and sling this piece of crap in the road and say GOODBYE EXCEDE!!!!
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I think that Exede should provide exactly or exactly ++  of what it promises to its customers because I am very sure that Exede insists that the customers hold up their end of the agreement. 
On the issue of filing a Lawsuit,  You will have to collect a lot of data to compete with the data that ViaSat collects itself. They have lawyers too and I am sure as a publicly traded company that they know very well their "Exposure" when it comes to Bandwidth and Service speeds.  That would kind of be part of the business plan I am sure.  It has been a long time since I have read a an line EULA or contract (if I ever have done any more than scroll through to the agree box)   the Question I have is,  Does Exede Guarantee any sort of minimum service level or speeds? Now that would be something I could get my teeth into.  It would be hard to prove Bad faith on ViaSat's end since the whole idea and effort of the company is to deliver internernet service.
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I am positive that the small details in the contract that a customers signs stipulates that no matter what any person assumes they are going to get what they will get by law in the end under the agreement of such signed contract what the company decides to deliver.. PLEASE READ THE CONTRACT THAT YOU SIGNED IF YOU HAVE COMPLAINTS. YOU DID READ THE PART ABOUT THROTTLING I HOPE.
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Phone companies are testing 5G other companies like speedconnect is deploying fast cell based internet. it's just a matter of time before we all can choose to leave. In order to compete exede and hughes will have to provide quality service, no exceptions.  We don't need lawyers we need good competition to make it to my edge of the world. In the meantime I too am frustrated and I will call every single night for as long as it takes to get better connectivity. 

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