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I'm posting this to possibly help someone who is searching this forum for a resolution to a problem. 

Had a few service calls the past week due to the high temps and heavy rains. In every case it was a bad tria. If you are on VS1, one of the two black modems, and your modem has no power. First, make sure the outlet you are plugging into is actually delivering power.....this can most easily be done with a lamp since there is usually one in the same room and is easy to move around. If you DO have power, plug your modem back in and see if it begins booting up.....sometimes a type of breaker in the power brick will trip and the ONLY way to get it to reset is to unplug it from the wall outlet.....unplugging the cord from the modem won't work. If you still have no power, unplug the modem power cord again and unscrew the coax.....IF there is more than ONE coax at the modem location BE SURE to mark it with a piece of tape or sticker because once you unscrew it, it looks just like the other coax cables and you won't know which one is which. Now plug the power cord back into the outlet. If your modem now powers up then you have a dead short either in the coax or the tria (the silver thing out on the end of your dish's boom arm) You'll need to call Viasat and set up a service call. 

If you have one of the non-wifi black modems....the one with the 4 blue light-bars on the front and the bars never progress beyond the 3rd one and then they start all over again, you have a had tria....not one that is dead shorted but one that has an internal fault. Call and set up a service call. If you have one of the black wifi modems and you have a similar bad tria, the white circle just keeps pulsating. 

If you have one of the new VS2 white modems it gets a little more tricky....primarily because I'm still getting used to how these things act when a problem occurs. I've had one get moisture in the can actually see the moisture on the lens of the tria, the tria must be replaced. I've also had one lock up during a firmware update and not recover. You can refer to your owner's manual for the legend for the light indicator and what it is telling you. Basically, if you end up with the little circle being purple and the wifi bars looking pink and it stays that way, odds are you have a bad tria or the dish isn't seeing the satellite. If this happens intermittently then look out the window at the tria and make sure some goofy bird hasn't decided that this is now his favorite perch....they'll perch on the tria with their back to the dish which means their tail feathers are right in the way. 

Hope this helps. 

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Posted 1 year ago

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Great post Andy, thanks.  This is a post that could have come from a "Champion" instead of just a regular member.....
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Thanks Jim. I figured if someone is having one of the issues I've described it might save them a lot of frustration and needless power cycling. 

I personally am just like anybody else, I do NOT like problems BUT I don't feel quite as "picked on" if I understand WHY I'm having a certain problem and what the solution is. 

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Thanks, Andy! This is the sort of information I look for here. And you are right on top of it! Appreciate all of your posts! You are still a 'Champion" in my book!
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Good info and basic trouble shooting that every end user should be able to accomplish.  Then the problem is dealing with first level of technical support but that is a different issue.  LOL!! 

I had a dead modem and had to do that by unplugging from the receptacle and powering down to get the brick to reset.  If I didn't know how to do that simple thing I would of been without Internet for several days and would of had to pay for a service call.

With the Hughes systems I had the right signal meter for the LNB to tweak my own dish but I don't have that with Viasat so I'm limited in what I can do but everyone can do the basics and sometimes you luck out and get her going again.