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My usage meter currently shows roughly 10 GB more than what I've actually used.  And that's being generous.  

Naturally, I called them to see what was up.  Their technical support staff, people who get paid to provide support on ISP service, couldn't tell me what happened.

Not only that, but both representatives that I talked to kept telling me to hush and listen to them because they are "experts".  And yet I had to explain to these "Internet Experts" what basic terms like ssh and scp mean...

They asked me to run Windows based virus scanners on my Linux and Solaris based servers.  They told me that I "obviously" had a hacker on my system.  I checked, I don't.  (And, yes, I am qualified to say so.  I make a pretty good living by being able to do just that....)

I have made a pretty good living for over 20 years doing thing like keeping enterprise level computer systems secure.  The suggestions that these people made to me were not only not helpful, they didn't even make sense.  They accused me of making up words when I mentioned commonplace, everyday tools like ssh and scp.  And, to top it off, they blamed their lack of ability to provide me with any useful information on "The Government".  The ISP that I work for is under no government restrictions that would prevent us from providing a customer with basic info about his own account, so, am I supposed to believe that Congress has passed some special restrictions that only apply to Exede?

Long story short.  They're charging me with more data usage than I've used.  They fully intend to hold me to it, and they expect me to pay for it.  Yet they lack staff with the competence to provide documentation that the data was actually used.  They fully expect customers to simply accept their "expertise" on measuring that.

Exede is a joke.  Their metering is broken, their customer website is broken, their customer service reps thinks it's ok to cuss at customers and call them liars.

Feeling like a giant sucker at the moment.  They have me in a contract, and I've got a year and a half more of this crap to put up with.  It will be a very, very happy day when I finally mail their equpment back to them.
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Send an email to one of the Exede moderators here at along with your account and contact information. They will be able to determine where your usage is going or if there is a issue with your modem, gateway or Accelenet server that accounts for the usage. They can also provide a general categorized breakdown of your usage.

Once it's determined to not be on ViaSat's end or if you want to be proactive, see:

Don't casually dismiss those recommendations and suggestions as "impossible" as so many others have... I've been in this industry for 38+ years (and yes my skillset is most assuredly up to date), and I'm finding more ways on regular basis that today's web sites and web-enabled applications use data as is it were water assuming everyone is on unlimited data access plans.

You'll find emailing to that address more effective than hit or miss phone support. 
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Yes Corey, definitely send us your info so we can take a look into what's going on with this data situation. Thank you.
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Have an issue with your ISP

  File a Formal Complaint with the FCC

New rules of Net Neutrality!!!!

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Hello Rene, I have reviewed and responded to your comments on Facebook
and look forward to helping you out of your DAP status. Look forward to
hearing from you.
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I had the same thing happen when no one was here for two weeks, no TVs were on, no Iphones, Ipads, nothing.  It was an empty house.  They looked into it but they kept saying there was usage when we know no one was here and there is no one even close who could hack in or use data.  We never got an explanation that was satisfactory and we just got tired of going around in circles with them.  We assume their meter is broken, their manner of tracking is flawed, or they're direction a portion of the data we pay for to higher density population areas when they need it.  We're just waiting until another company offers a better plan or Exede gets a grip and offers a better plan.  It's only a matter of who offers it first.  
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There is no issue with my modem or router.  My internet worked perfectly fine before the data cap was reached.  Many sites and links stopped working, the problem lies on your broadband data computation software that will automatically block links and sites when data cap is met.  I received and extra 5gb of free data after complaining, and everything worked perfectly until the cap was met again.

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Rene -

One quick suggestion that may or may not help.  Have you tried plugging your computer directly into the Viasat modem and bypassing your wireless firewall / router?  I changed out my firewall a few months ago and while it may have been coincidental, once I reached my data cap when using the new firewall, I did have sites seemingly not work correctly.

In my case I just called in and added 5 GB to my account and all was normal again, however I have read some others and seen where some devices have issue when the cap is reached.

Another way to check this would be to try to access the problematic sites during your free zone (12:00 AM - 5:00 AM for classic, and 3:00 AM - 8:00 AM for Evolution) and see if it works.  During this time you should have regular speeds regardless if you are in Data Restriction or not.

Again, just trying to throw some suggestions out there to try to point to a possible workaround or additional cause of problems.

I trust that Exede will get this sorted out for you.

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