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I have had the Exede Evolution plan for nearly a month. According to Exede my 10GB was used up in the first 2 days. I called tech support and they looked at the account history. I was told that all my data was used on day 3 and day 4 of my new service, and that NO DATA had been used on day 1 or day 2, or since going into data restriction on day 5 onward. That is clearly impossible since I know we have continued data use during regular service hours since then. I don't have much faith in Exede's ability to accurately monitor my data use now. And while on data restriction, speeds vary wildly. I have clocked speeds as high as 16mpbs while on restriction, and other times as low as 2mpbs, in which case video streaming is not possible at all.  And generally no one is awake trying to stream video between 3AM and 8AM in my house, so that has no bearing on what I am describing here. I will start a new month with the Evolution plan on Sunday, and will be watching what Exede says about my data use. Exede, are you capable of getting this right?
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Gary  -

Are you streaming videos normally during regular hours?  In the evolution plan this is not considered as part of the unlimited web browsing.  I find the fact you can even run a speedtest at the speeds you are getting during data restriction to be strange, considering it would seem this traffic, too, would not qualify as simple web page traffic.

I am just curious about the video streaming based on your comment:
 I have clocked speeds as high as 16mpbs while on restriction, and other times as low as 2mpbs, in which case video streaming is not possible at all
If all you are doing is browsing and webmail, then your usage should not be shooting up nearly as quickly as you are seeing.  If there is ANYTHING at all (windows, android, ios, or other) traffic rolling off your connection then it could also be eating up data.

When you spoke with customer care, they should have been able to provide with a percentage breakdown of your utilization (type of traffic and percentage of use of your data cap).  If you want to call them again they can review that or you can email with your account information and they should be able to look into it for you as well.  I am not sure if they can see the current billing cycle or just the previous.

Hope this helps a bit.
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An additional note, view this site and you can see how long it takes to use up data based on your speed:
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I had the same problem around Feb. 14 and 15, 2015. My usage quota refreshed on Feb. 12.  About three days later I got an automated email warning me of high data usage. I went to the user dashboard on the Exede web portal and found it showed my entire 10 GB quota used up already.  I called support and they "gave" me an extra 5 GB for free. The next day it was all gone!  We weren't streaming video or audio or doing large software (Adobe) updates or anything else that would account for the insane usage.  We have a secure wireless router and no neighbors even in range anyway. 

I can only conclude that there are or at least were technical problems with Exede's data metering system that pop up from time to time. 

Yesterday I decided to test the night time "free" period (3AM to 8AM local time ) by downloading an 800 MB video file from 7:40 AM to 7:58 AM local time.  When I checked usage later in the day it had jumped up 0.8 GB (800 MB) since the day before.  My typical usage is .1 to .2 GB per day.

Since first encountering this problem several months ago I have been daily checking and recording my Exede data usage via the web portal.   After yesterday's experience I went to a user forum and learned about software called "Satellite Restriction Tracker" or SRT for short. It's donationware, free but donation requested if you like and keep using it.   It logs into the Exede dashboard for you at selectable intervals and logs the data usage indicated. It only works when the computer it is loaded on is active. However for a small annual fee you can have the data logging done remotely by a server, which then passes the data to the local application when your computer is running. I set it to log my usage once every hour.

SRT can graph the usage for you or display it as a data table.  It can be set to automatically send you a warning email if usage goes over a limit that you can set. I downloaded and installed SRT with remote logging.  I'm only 24 hours into using it, and it's working great.  Saves me a lot of time compared to manually logging in to check the usage, then copying the info and saving the log file.  I recommend SRT to others who are similarly afflicted with "Impossible data usage."
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Nicholas -

Email with your account information and request they look into this.  I would send them this information.  Based on what you just stated your system is likely (and incorrectly) tagging usage during the unmetered time as being used during the metered time.

Some folks (myself included) have had this happen from time to time in the past and Exede has always been very good about looking into it and correcting the problem.  In some cases it is a issue where the modem did not reset properly and others it is something else.

I am sure they can dig in and figure out what is going on for you and I am absolutely sure that they will get you squared away if you email the address above.  If you need more immediate assistance, you can call Customer Care, but you may have to be patient in explaining the issue and if you feel you are not getting anywhere, you can ask for a supervisor.  I have only had to do that once, most of the reps I call - especially later in the evening / early morning on the support line are more than helpful and have gotten things straightened out.  If you don't feel you are getting what you need there, then send that email and someone will definitely respond to you.

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Brian, actually no, the question of whether I have large data consuming programs running is irreleveant.

*Exede is telling me that ALL10GB of data were used on days 3 & 4 of my service. None before. None after. Thats not possible. I have three teenagers at home who are watching (or attempting to watch, depending on the speed available at any given time) videos online for several hours each, every day, during regular hours. I use streaming video myself daily during regular hours.

*The download speeds I mentioned of 2mbps to 16mbps, are being clocked during regular hours, AFTER my 10GB was supposedly used up and I am in "data restriction". So it appears that "data restriction" means absolutly nothing. Data speeds seem to increase and decrease totally at random, at all times of day.

Nicholas, I had read about the free 5GB, but when i asked customer service for it I was told that it was not available to Exede Evolution customers.
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Gary -

A few suggestions:

First, email with your account email and phone number and ask them to review your account.  Someone should respond from Customer Care.  Request that they do a review of your account and let you know the dates and the types of usage (percentage wise) that the system is showing using the bandwidth.

If they are saying no usage since you hit your cap, then there may be an issue with the way the system is reporting your account.  I know there were instances quite a while back in my service where the accounting was actually disabled for some folks while some work was being done.  Haven't seen that recently, but it has happened.

Second, only 10 hours of HD video usage can blow through 10 GB of data.  Since the Evolution plan does not include online video as part of the unlimited browsing, it is entirely possible with 3 teenages to blow through it in 2 days.  In fact my daughter and a friend of hers who love a particular TV show got on Netflix one day and blew through my 10 GB in about 5 hours.  Netflix at its full setting can use 3GB+ per hour.

Third, if you are in data restriction and still receiving those speeds then they may not be enforcing the data restrictions for your area at the moment.  This again may be related to something with just your account or a problem they are working on at this time.  Sending the email to the address above can answer that question.

Bottom line is if you are using streaming video every day for several hours and you are not using it during the 3:00 AM - 8:00 AM time period (unmetered access) then you will find yourself blowing through 10GB in no time at all.  The fact you are still getting good speeds for things other than web browsing and webmail is not the norm once you get into Data Restriction.

Start with the email above and they can check into things and see what is going on.  I hope they get you the answers you need.

Hope this helps a bit.

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I emailed 5 days ago re: same data usage issues. Got a reply they would respond within 24 hrs -"I've heard nothing.
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They will respond just give them time....they are backlogged with emails because they have been helping with all the email issues that have come up from the migration.
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Hello Gary, I would be happy to take a look at your usage for you, please send your account information to
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Have an issue with your ISP

File a Formal Complaint with the FCC

New rules of Net Neutrality!!!!

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Hello Rene, I have reviewed and responded to your comments on Facebook
and look forward to helping you out of your DAP status. Look forward to
hearing from you.

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