I'm paying for a service I'm not receiving, and I'm no longer hesitant to involve the law.

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I'm sorry for making another post on this board, but I still haven't gotten any official responses. I couldn't edit my old post, so I'm making a new post that'll hopefully attract an official response.  [My other post] Basically you're "significantly restricting my service" while I'm still within my 25 gigabyte allowance. You're injecting random data into my compressed or encrypted downloads, in order to crash/cancel them and make it look like it was my own computer's/equipment's fault or error. I was having these problems while I was out of my allowance last month, and it was perfectly acceptable that you would be doing that while I was out of my allowance, along with blacklisting websites, ports and file extensions; that's because I agreed to have my service significantly slowed and/or restricted, and/or certain uses of my service, until the end of my monthly measurement period. My monthly measurement period is over, it's reset, and you're still restricting my downloads with techniques that make the ordinary end-user think it's their own fault and not Exede's. I'm paying for a service that I'm not receiving based on a signed contract, so I'm going to conclude that what you're doing is illegal. Like I said in my other post, I see nowhere in any contract saying you can deliberately crash my downloads and make it look like it was my own equipment's fault, especially when I'm perfectly within the bounds of my data allowance.
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I saw your original post on the subject.  I think you need proof of the accusation.  You should have an expert confirm your suspicions, then you should gather your evidence.  Having done this, you would probably have some legal rights, or be able to negotiate about your bill.  You are probably bound by their contract to use mediation.  However, at least you could avail yourself of such mediation, and after that is over you might be able to go to court.  They don't want to be sending lawyers to your neck of the woods, so they would be wise to negotiate.

However, I suspect that you are wrong about what is happening on a technical level.  They have no reason whatsoever to do what you claim, because they would still be transmitting the data.  What you are accusing them of is pure malice for no benefit to them whatsoever. 

So I suggest you gather your evidence first, and get it confirmed by an expert.
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I don't work for exede so I probably can get by with saying, if you try talking with these folks and help in the process of working your problems out instead of starting off with all the accusations you might get any problems corrected.
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FWIW, don't expect an official response here until later today or possibly tomorrow AM - it's the weekend (and a holiday one still) and there's only a skeletal staff if any monitoring this board.

That being said, it's clear this issue is impacting others who are now joining in on your original post (and there are still others over in the other forum also experiencing). Speculation (and that's all it is right now) is that it's somehow related to the recent partial roll-out of new modem software. Adding additional information to your original post via a new response there (e.g. beam number modem software, version) might help to confirm that speculation.

I don't think it's a matter of of restricting service or even deliberate - more that stuff just happens, otherwise how do I explain this site being the one I most frequently encounter unexplained SSL errors on?

The more people experiencing this issue that chime in on the original post with specific details, the harder it becomes to dismiss it as a single frustrated user.   
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Bugzeeolboy - If you are using a router, try connecting your PC directly to the modem, eliminating the router.  If you then get clean downloads then you are seeing what a few others are reporting.  Please try it and let the community know what happens.
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Hi Bugzeeolboy,

I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with your internet service.  I can view your modem status and check for any issues.  Please send me an email to exedelistens@viasat.com with your account and contact information.
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Please do they did me worng to my money then turn it offfor no eeason

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