If you have Evolution and change plans you can't go back; but there's good news to share

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I was on the Evolution 20 plan for maybe a year when I noticed I was using less than 10 GB per month. Thinking I could save a little by changing to the Exede 10 plan I made the change on the Myexede.com website. I forgot that Evolution doesn't meter email or web browsing. I soon realized my mistake and wanted to switch back to Evolution. GOTCHA! 

The Evolution plan was no longer available to me.  For the past six months I've been on Liberty 10, but hitting the data cap in the 3rd week of cycle and subject to "Liberty Pass" data restriction for half of the month. There was no warning on the Exede website when I changed plans saying I may not be able to reverse the change. Today I called support and was told that there was no way I could get back on Evolution. The agent said there's a warning on the website when you change plans, but there isn't.

However there is GOOD NEWS!  The agent said in a few weeks, after the new satellite is launched in January 2017, Exede will offer all existing customers the Freedom Plan with 150 GB soft cap for $100 a month for 12 mbps or $110 for 25 mbps.  That sounds great, so I guess I'll hang in there for another month and see if that really happens.  Otherwise I'm outta here and going with an alternative service. 
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi Nicholas,   I apologize if you were misinformed but here is the latest information on the new ViaSat-2 satellite and plans. ViaSat-2 is scheduled to launch in the March/April timeframe of 2017. The satellite will be in service later in the year.  We have not released specifics around data plans yet; however, we expect plans with more robust data allowances, such as Freedom, will be available across the country, once ViaSat-2 comes online.
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Good luck, been waiting for new launch for a long time. Promises made but never kept...........
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I hope you understand that the satellite has been built and the reason it is delayed was the fault of SpaceX blowing up?  You can't be blaming Exede if you understand this.
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I have been waiting for that new launch for 2 years so don't tell me i don't understand. I have the worst service possible and I don't complain much as I have no alternate ISP. Exede has terrible customer service and even worst field service. The prices are too high also.
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Satellites themselves are very expensive as well as the earth-side gateways that serve as the uplink/downlink portion of a sat connection. The satellites also have a useful lifespan of about 15 years and then require replacement.

The cost basis of a satellite connection is simply not the same as ground based connections.
A satellite internet connection is a type of last resort. If you have another choice, take it.

If it is the only option you have then you need to learn how it operates, its strengths as well as its weaknesses.

There are many things you ca do to eliminate excess data usage such as  installing ad and script blocking browser extensions.

Sat internet is not a replacement for ground based systems.
It is a lot like being poor. You can "look in the window" but you have to decide if you can afford a given "purchase" or not.

Frankly any anger need to be directed to those services that chose not to service you area despite having a much lower cost basis.
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Believe me if I had an alternate ISP I would be using them.
We are not all idiots out here.
I chose to solve my own problems via research and help online, anything is better than the CS Exede provides. Who said anything about a replacement, when you have NO other choices it kinda of like a monopoly.
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You need only be patient a little longer.  Hughes just launched echostar19, a near-clone of ViaSat-1 and it's plan name is going to be "Gen 5."

ViaSat-2 needs to be "paired" for an Ariane 5 launch this March or April.  The paring is because the rocket is so massive it can take up ViaSat-2 and yet another small to medium size satellite at the same time. The choice of the second payload is in the works.

ViaSat isn't stupid.  They know Echostar 19 is a formidable competitor so better plans and prices will need to be in place to compete on ViaSat-2.  This summer will be a subscribers market for the first time in history. The only question I see remaining is whether exede will allow a switch to better plans on ViaSat-2 for current contract customers or will they be stuck finishing out their contracts on VaSat-1.  ViaSat-1 will improve by virtue of the migration to ViaSat-2 so maybe staying on ViaSat-1 won't be a totally bad thing.

Again we "wait and see."
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That's some good news, as for me I am NOT under any contracts so switching my be easy for me. Glad to see there are some competitors in the horizon.