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Ping between 700-1500
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  • Absolutely frustrated that I made the swap to exceed and I clearly explained to the sales representative what my internet requirements were!

Posted 2 years ago

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Can't argue with that.
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I wish there were a solution and why there is not just blows my mind. I have a wireless router with 25 megs of data a month and I get 60-100 pings! I got an average of 66 with progressive and swapped to exceed because of cost effectiveness. I was told I would have no problem with my PC Gaming . I game at iracing.com and DCS Combat flight simulator. With these two simulations you need your ping to be as low as possible. I cannot keep a constant connection, my ping was at its lowest at 718. Ping is what keeps you connected. I was removed from every single server and banned by my favorite one because of ping, I'm not sure how exceed can say that these ping levels are good at 700.

If the rep t exceed had been honest with me, up front yes they would have lost my business but at least I could say they were honest. Now that I have disconnected my previous service and broke contract I have to pay 590.00 to get my service back at progressive where I was. I may not have liked the price but my ping levels even at 3 megs was 66. So don't matter if you have 25 megs or 100 megs and unlimited data, its worthless with a 700 ping.

And tech support was a joke. The girl refused to even acknowledge that I had a issue and I wanted to know if adding an additional router would help and she simply would not help me. When I asked to speed with her supervisor or another tech she was a complete A** and told me you just hang on my supervisor will tell you the same exact thing. Then placed me on hold for 20 min come back on line and said you still here. When I replied yes she hung up on me.

I have never been more disappointed in a Internet provider and have never had these ping levels, I mean never, even with att who was who I thought the worst provider I had good ping.

Exceed now takes the cake and I will pay the 590.00 Togo back where I was, thank you exceed for lieing to me and costing me more money than I would have had to pay for 6 months of tv and internet. With a little bit of honesty this, this could have been prevented and I would not have had to come on your forum and post this. It is not something I enjoy, but frustrated and upset has brought me here to your forum. This is the first time in my life I have taken the time to post a complaint on a public forum.

Former Customer

Mark Bratcher

Ps I had your service 2 days . I hope y'all can find a resolution to this issue and if you do, you will then be ready for the online simulation products. But until then be honest and save them the frustration because in the end you will not have a happy customer and your going to loose them anyway, so why to get my 150.00 from the start.
I thought about going to Facebook with this but I'm really not tring to hurt your company. Just make you aware. I hope you take this information and do what's right with it.
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Most of us know we have high latency and, that's unavoidable with satellite internet, be it Exede/Viasat/Tooway (in Europe), HughesNet, or whoever else might offer satellite internet service around the world.

I assume it was a local sales rep that did not tell you of the unavoidable latency. That unfortunately happens and, it shouldn't. I've heard DirecTV (especially bad for it) reps telling people it's unlimited, it's always 25Mbps, there is no throttling, neglecting to tell people about the equipment lease fees, you name it, anything to get the sale. That's wrong and, it isn't what Exede.Viasat wants but, it still happens.

I'm sure Viasat wishes there was a way to give us under 100ms latency as much as we wish we could have it and live where we want to live but, physics just won't let that happen.

Some games do work well over Exede and, even WildBlue service, even a few fast twitch games work well - I play them. Some games fail miserably and, there is at least one game company I know of that simply doesn't allow the high latency at all. Such is rural life, we make the best of the best options available to us for what we like to do on and, off line.
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oh shucks - satellite internet is behind
I am very happy when I get 600 or below.
rarely I got 300 something at home :)

 long ago a sales guy told me that on this kind of net it is not fast enough on the upload to allow any kind of intensive gaming. And yeah you will die more often as you can not eat or move fast enough because of the latency on sat net.

 sadly I live in the woods and it is GREAT, BUT the only internet available is sat type net.
 So I have viasat as it works the best for my area [yes I die more often in games]
I do play flight simulators - But know not to try it on line. #1 the data limit would be reached quickly as an HD intensive game sends lots more data than the old arcade games.
 * A side note: FB games might be playable, BUT they consume massive amounts of our precious limited data to support all the ads running in the back of the game - Flash is Not our friend.
 the best games are those I can play from a disc. no internet required :)

  I feel the pain as we on sat internet are limited by the latency. [slow response/upload]
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That's going to be the average due to the technology. We post as much here: http://www.exede.com/what-to-expect/

With that said some realtime games that do need that fast ping will probably have some issues with the connection. We can (and are) doing things to improve our bandwidth but ping rates are high due to the speed of the signal going to space and back (light speed) but there's still a delay compared to ground-based internet.