Idea for a New Service from Exede - Freedom 5/150 Plan (Otherwise Known as the Liberty Pass 10)

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Since most users on the Liberty 10 are basically getting 1 Mbps - 5 Mbps most of the time (if not sometimes slower) due to the removal of the Free Zone which I personally used to use heavily, why not not offer a Freedom Plan in congested areas with a slower data speed much like the essential 5 plans?

The only difference for the Freedom Plan would be the attempt to deliver the higher 5 Mbps speeds even during the peak times with the understanding that of course if it is heavily congested those may be slower.

If you were to bill about the same amount as say the Liberty 18 or maybe even as much as the Freedom 12 / 150 ($129.00? - Don't know as it is not in this area for me to compare), I know I and probably many others would probably jump on that service plan.  


Allow increase of more users with less commitment on the Priority Data top speed side.  Theoretically if enough people switched you could get probably double or triple the number of subscribers over time as more people signed up for that service than you have now.

Exede can get more for this plan than the Liberty 10 as it is a commitment to deliver the 5 Mbps speeds during the majority of the time.  


I would expect that the min speeds for these users on this plan would need to remain above the 1 Mbps even during peak hours to ensure delivery of most services in a reliable fashion.

I am sure this is something someone at Exede has already floated, but if not I am here to say sign me up if it is ever offered in my area.  

* The reference to Liberty 10 users is that this is how most people I know of in Liberty use the system - I am not saying that Liberty 10 and the Freedom are equivalent).  

** Also once over the data, I would say the Freedom 5 / 150 users would be thrown into the same prioritization as Pass users, meaning that during peak times they could see their speeds drop as low as the 256 Kbps minimum floor that can be experienced currently.
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Posted 4 years ago

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The only way I see that being a viable option would be if it was slightly more than Liberty 30. Perhaps 169/month and, offer to bundle Exede voice for a total of 179/month (good discount on the regular voice price.)

I would pay that for a plan like that if it included the 30 GB of Priority (up to 12mbps) speed then did it's best to maintain the 5mbs after 30 was used.
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I wouldn't pay more and it shouldn't be more than the Liberty 30 since the data speed would be capped at the rate of 5 Mbps (just like the essential plans). Last time I saw pricing on the Freedom plans they were cheaper than the Liberty 30 plans which frankly made no sense to me.

Good to start the discussion though.
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just give me 3mbps constant and im happy.  Thats all i need for netflix
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Brian, interesting idea! Really it's all about data, though, and offering a plan with this much data even at slower speeds would potentially affect performance on the entire beam. The best solution right now is to sit tight and we'll have all kinds of great plan options starting up around this time next year with ViaSat-2.
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Alex - 

To an extent you are correct, except with the Liberty Plans you basically took away the "hard data caps".   So at this point it isn't so much about the amount of data used as it is about the speed at which it is consumed.

Even at the floor of 256 Kbps (.25 Mbps) for Liberty Plan users in Peak times that equals out to about 2.76 GB / 24 Hours.  For 30 days, that is 82.8 GB / Month.  At the more moderate average of 1 Mbps (keep in mind that is average) that comes out to 10.8 GB / 24 Hours which comes out to 324 GB / Month.  

From what I can see, the issue is more about concurrent user usage than it is about the amount of data consumed.  Since the Data Caps on Liberty are Soft Caps only limited by speed and I have been told even during congested times we should still be able to browse the internet and see speeds bottom out in normal circumstances no lower than 256 Kbps, it just seemed logical that it may be in the interest of Exede to offer a higher data plan with a lower speed.  If 5 Mbps isn't the right number, maybe a 3 Mbps number would work.  I do not know what the right answer is, but I bet there is a way to offer it even in our area.

It would be a win / win (assuming implementation doesn't break the network as it seems changes tend to do at times) for consumers looking for this and Exede looking to increase subscribers in the area.

I am just making the case for it.  Maybe it isn't worth it if the new plans are less than a year away, but it could be an answer for when the new satellite gets delayed for another year (hopefully not....).

Again these are just my thoughts since the Liberty 10 plan is basically what I would propose to be the Essential Freedom Plan which should cost more but the Liberty 10 Plan is only $59.99 / Month with speeds from 1 Mbps to 5 Mbps normally dropping down to 256 Kbps to 5 Mbps during congestion, why not just up the floor on the bottom with 1 Mbps to 5 Mpbs until your cap is it hit and then it can be dropped to the 256 Kbps to even maybe 2 Mbps or 3 Mbps as the top speeds once over.   You can then charge more for the new plan and I will just about guarantee that a LOT of people would jump on that even at the $129.99 / Month price (I would like it cheaper, but hey we take what we can get).

I have no idea of what your capacity is per Beam, and I also know that there are ongoing challenges with the load distribution across the carriers in each Beam (can be seen when rebooting a modem and going from congested to not-congested to congested again after another reboot), but it may be worth someone doing a quick feasibility study to see if it is worth pursuing.

By the way - if you do implement this, I only ask for a small percentage of the monthly billings of those that sign up for this service in return for my idea being used and only up to the amount of my bill each month :)
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I thought things were supposed to get better this year, * least that's what we kept hearing last year. I don't even get on the Late Night anymore since it's so congested that it is as bad as dialup! I used to love Exede and started with them from the beginning, but it has gotten really bad. I wish cable or DSL were available for we out here in the country but we don't have any other choices.
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Those plans changed last June when the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket went boom shortly after its launch - SpaceX didn't return to flight until December last year. With further delays likely ViaSat switched to Ariane as explained at the bottom of the following: