Idea: Create a Status Page for Users to Display Beam Congestion in Real Time

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In order to save many, many phone calls to Exceed when service is slow, why not create a real-time or near real-time status page for Exede users that displays the current speeds users should be expecting as well as congestion stats on a user's beam and gateway.

I see on my Exede Portal the Liberty Plan is enabled and a little graph below it showing the green, yellow, and red time slots throughout a 24 hour period - which mimic the policy documents that can be found online, however I think it would be very much appreciated if this information could be based on real statistics and change with real time as well as provide a history over the last 24 hours or so.

This accomplishes two things:

1.  It finally let's users see what is happening on their connections that might be affecting the performance of their internet experience.

2.  Goes a long way to give some transparency to Exede.  

I see lots of posts about speed issues, or congestion issues, or lots of upset customers wondering why this or that is so slow.  I would bet there are infinitely more users that are frustrated by the same things being posted about that either don't know about this forum or don't feel like posting here that feel the same way.

I think this would be a great addition to the user portal in addition to the more granular usage meters we have all been requesting.
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Posted 4 years ago

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That is a great idea!
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This sounds like a wonderful idea. Wonder if Exede can and will do it.
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I believe they can - after all their agents can check this information if you call into the call center.  I just don't know if or how much work would be involved.  I would have thought a more detailed real-time usage meter would have been out by now, but not yet.  That being said, if they are busily re-programming equipment to handle more data then I can do without for a time....
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I know they can - eSVT Job Aid. Seek, and ye shall find.

Some discussion of releasing a subscriber version over in the other forum.  

Some of us were invited to participate in a beta that has yet to materialize and appears it's hung up in an administrative approval process.

So the only question is will they? FWIW ViaSat, transparency is actually a good thing.