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 I am currently a Hughes customer and have been for almost 3 years, My experience has been less the desirable or expected mostly with speed during peak being less the 10% of plan, then I complain and they do something behind the scenes and my speed is back up to plan for 2 weeks to a month and like magic its back down again, been ongoing for the whole time I have been a customer. so is Exede better, I don't see a lot of complaints on this forum on speed but do see data concerns.
The other thing that I would question is that Hughes has never charged me for a site visit when trying to correct this issue and they have done 3 including a complete reinstall with all new equipment.
The issue has never been on my end but rather with them, I don't know if my area is oversold or what but they can change some things on their side and my speed is plan until I guess I go back on some sort of computer controlled rotation the it fall back to nothing during peak but good off peak.
I have been all the way to engineering with this.
I am also on only a 1 year contract that ends in may and am hesitant going for 2 years if its not going to be better.
Any honest insight will be appreciated to help me make a decision.
I am not looking for Exede or Hughes bashing just information.
Thank you in advance and I will be happy to provide more info if needed.
Located in the Atlanta area.

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Posted 6 years ago

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Hi Piet,  I hope that others in the community will speak up and give you their feedback.  

I just thought I would post a couple of links about promised/delivered speed that I find interesting.  You can compare where ViaSat/Exede and Hughesnet fall in this data.  
Here is a provider ranking from a speed test site: http://testmy.net/hoststats 

ViaSat has been ranked #1 in the country by the FCC for providing speeds that are consistent with what we advertise.   Here is a link to a blog article about that:  http://www.exede.com/blog/fccreport.  

If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to shoot an email anytime.  The address is:  exedelistens@viasat.com.  Thanks
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I am so upset right now that I do not know where to begin, but I would like to at least appeal to those of you who have not signed up for Exede yet, but are looking for an internet provider...


I HAVE HAD REPEATED problems with this company, to which I received HORRIBLE customer service while trying to resolve those problems.

Their data usage limits were NOT outlined to us up front during the install, as I would have NEVER gone with it.

Again, I plead... DO NOT sign with EXEDE.

I am COUNTING the days until we can cancel with them. Until then, I am vowing to repeat this message ANYWHERE I can!!!

Exede... well, just take it from their misspelled name... they certainly won't exceed any of your expectations! I'd rather go back to dial-up than deal with them for one more day!!

-mollie romine

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Overall I am happy with Exede, Happy enough to add Exede voice this month. Service calls do cost 99.00 last I knew unless you are a preferred (long time) customer, then you get one free one per year.

As far a speed goes, I'm usually at about 70-80% of max at peak and 100% + off peak. There have been a few sow days here and there but overall, it's good and, no need to call in to correct it, it corrects itself in anything form a few hours to a few days. (usually weather or maint. related.)

Where I do have problems is when I have to call in to find out why my service is out entirely. I rarely get a straight answer or, at best a generic answer and, the rep can never tell me enoug to convince me he/she did not just randomly pick a reason to get me off the phone for a few hours.

Example: Rep tells me they are doing repairs at my gateway but is unable to tell me why repairs were needed when service was fine a few hours ago or even what is being repaired (a cable, a server, a dish, etc....)

Other time I get complete BS such as Satellite is broken, someone is going to fix it. (as in going into space to repair it.) No, I don't think so. Rep insisting there is a storm at my gateway when I have interactive weather up on DTV and can see it is 100% clear there.
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I am a preferred (long time) customer.  Currently I've been "SLOWED" down because , once again I've exceeded my data limit.  I recently upgraded to the 15 GB package - hoping that would solve our data limit problem - but not this time.  I suspect it's our four Amazon Kindle Fire HD's.  I was recently conned into loading the same game on all four of them.  After all it was FREE.  One recent incident that I had to dig out was one of my kids (almost 10) was exposed to an ADULT video, which after talking with Amazon and the software vendor was part of the continuous stream of popup ADs - so much for FREE software.  Anyhow my remedy is to remove this kind of software from the Kindles and keep the WiFi OFF, except mine which I use to check my email.  Good thing I only have a few more days of being SLOWED.  Anyhow I'm interested in Exede Voice - our land line service sucks.  Great when it's working but it's been down now for 4 days and Verizon was suppose to fix it today - but didn't show up.  My only other option is wireless and signal strength is weak to non-existent.  Verizon is suppose to be activating a tower closer to my house -still waiting for that to happen - but not sure if it will help.
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Yes GD, I would agree. We have 2 computers, 2 cell phones, 1 kindle, 1 iPad that all use our router. We download audio books and podcasts during the metered hours due to husbands work schedule as a truck driver and, him wanting those to listen to while he drives all day.

Updates are all done during the LNFZ for the OS, games, etc.. except the anti virus which is allowed to update at will. I do download one or two Wild Tangent games a month on metered time as well.

Of course we surf, email and, I do upload apx 3-5 MB of email attachments for work daily 5 days a week. That runs 18 to 22 GB per month.

It sounds like you are going to have to go for 25 GB and, get those updates and larger downloads (anything over 500 MB) and all updates for OS, drivers, etc... going in the LNFZ to avoid being throttled too often.

Same with phone service here, cell is spotty at best so not a good option and, the landlines are still aluminum wires running OVERHEAD, in a heavily forested and logged area so, if it isn't the rain getting the connectors in the box wet, it's a tree falling on the lines killing the phone yet again. That and no voice mail - lines cannot carry anything except voice, 24K dial up and sort of caller ID (get unknown with number a lot even on local numbers I know are listed and not blocking it.)

I am waiting now for my number to finish porting to Exede Voice. It might go down in a storm and even have a minor lag issue here and there, but at least it will work more often than the land line I have and, it costs a lot less to boot.
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I live in Northeast Georgia in the mountains. The worst download speed I have experienced is ~7 Mb during peak time with heavy clouds. Most of the time I getting 17 to 21 Mb and I have hit 30 Mb. Up speed is usually 2 to 5 Mb. Latency averages 670 to 800 ms.

I added Exede phone and it works pretty well but the delay is noticeable. I'm OK with the delay but my wife has yet to master it and gets aggravated. However, it's better than nothing! 

This system streams a HD movie flawlessly and downloads are very fast. If everything keeps running as good as it does now I will be a happy customer for a long time.

As far as reading lots of complaints only people with problems usually post which is typical for most customer forums. 
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I live in a VERY secluded area by choice.  However, that means limited choices in phone, internet and tv service.  For a whole year I could not get any internet service, DirecTV was the only tv service available, though an installer cussed me out when I dared to complain because at 10P he had not shown up and kept saying he would be there "in an hour."  They finally sent a new installer---a week later.  But since then the service has been excellent.  Verizon was my landline phone service until I got fed up with constant static and surly techs.  One pulled up in my driveway and said I better stop complaining about static or else.  Naturally when I tried to prove it, the line sounded crystal clear.  The local cable company said I was too secluded to run a line, unless I wanted to pay $5,000 from the nearest "trap."  When the old Wildblue became available in my area, I signed up.  Numerous problems, but it was better than nothing, though the speed was only 25 kilobytes.  About a year later they launched the new Exede, and it took two months to try and get it, but finally, a tech installed it, and at first I had nothing bur problems: slow speed, constant outages.  Then they finally sent a new tech who realigned the dish, now I blast along at an average speed of 20 megabytes---that's with an m!  Then came their "voice" phone service.  While I had problems installing it, so far it has 99.5% reliability---but I have a cell phone as a backup for power outages and signal problems.  One time they charged me $20 to cancel it, cut me off accidentally and I had to spend one hour on my cell phone getting it reinstalled.  But the agents were very nice and professional, and gave me a free month of service, so far so good.  I don't know about HughesNet, but from what I've heard, they're about the same.  If you want to stream and download HD movies on Exede, forget it.  For what I need, and my choice of seclusion, I'm happy.  I'm hoping when AT&T takes over DirecTV, even though AT&T is rated worst for customer service, I'm hoping they will have unlimited internet usage available.  One final concern is the repair fee of $95 for a truck roll.  They should off a plan like all the other companies do. 
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Bruce, I agree on the service call fee. Yes Preferred customers (like me) do get one free truck roll per year but, I would rather they offered a protection plan that covered the dish, modem, tria and (if you have it) voice adapter replacement if needed as well as the truck roll for something around 10.00 per month added to the bill. DTV, AT&T and, Sprint that I know of have such a service with the cost ranging from 2.00 to 9.99 per month.

It is good that I can call DTV and have them realign the dish at no cost to me. Need that for Excede as well.

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