I would love to see some "I love Exede" stories.......any out there? Good experiences?

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I would love to see some "I love Exede" stories.......any out there? Good experiences? Data usage not gone in 14 days, bills under $250 a month? Anything?
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Posted 3 years ago

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Five words:
"At least it's not dial-up"
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Hi Jeannie, I agree it would be nice to hear some good news here for a change :)
I had Hughes for about 6 years prior to switching to Excede in November. I should have taken the leap and switched sooner. I am quite happy with Excede. So much better than Hughes! Speeds have been decent, so far. And unless there is a drastic storm happening, I have never lost service.
Satellite internet would not be my choice, but then, here in rural Minnesota, there is nothing else to choose from. I would never go back to Hughes at this point. I am much happier with Excede! As far as the constant complaints on customer service, I haven't had the need to contact them yet, which I think is a good sign, don't you? :)
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Of course there are satisfied users.

This is primarily a help community so the overwhelming majority of posts are going to be problematic in nature.

Many posters here are novice users with very limited understanding of certain elements of their computers and even less knowledge of routers and networking.

I currently have used only 3 GB of data while being 59% through my billing cycle.

I have my systems locked down very tight (ad block, script block, flash block, flash control), I track my rate of usage carefully and have purchased a router that allows me to see every bit and byte that goes through my network.

Usage per day per device:

Statistical display of total usage and hours of occurrence:

Statistical data of each device including hours of occurrence:

If a user is going to network they should arm themselves with the "tools" to track everything and everyone that accesses the network.

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I don't have a fancy router (mine actually sucks, I had to waste thermal paste and a heat spreader on that thing to keep it cool), but I do have a couple measures in place to conserve data. I have an ad-blocking proxy and cache server, I schedule downloads of Youtube videos I want to watch (usually hour-long programming tuts), and I urged the Windows 10 user on my network (my fiancee) to go back to Windows 8.1. I gave her a clear explanation of why this is a good idea, backed up her files and reinstalled all of her games and whatnot.

The data makes it much farther into the month than it did before I set this up.
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Exede and satellite in general are ONLY for those who cannot get anything else [dsl cable] with that said, i've had Exede or over 4 and a half years. I've been very happy, yes it is expensive, and yes, i've had strange 'outages' especially lately late at night, that knocks out our network, but. There is nothing else, and it is infinitely better than dialup!
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Here's a few:





As for myself, I have the Liberty pass 12 and have found that about 40% of the 12 GB gets used by everyday internet activities each month, leaving about 7.2 GB each month for me to download large files of my choice.  Then, if I do go over, there is the Liberty pass.

However, disciplined use of data is key.  You want to actively seek out and remove all of the many various gremlins that would be only too happy to burn up the data you are paying for, as for example: windows automatic updates (turn that off and periodically every 6 months or so, update manually); streaming apps that continue to throw useless garbage in your face; DirectTV and other "genies"; freeloader devices on your wireless network (I don't have a wireless network, don't need one and don't want one).
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I love Exede.  I've had it for about a year now.  I started with the 10GB Essential plan.  My installer, Raul, was friendly, professional, and fast.  There was no charge for the installation; it was exactly as described, even though the installer drove 3 hours to get to my house.  When I expressed my surprise, he said, 'Oh no, we go all over the place!  I'm heading to Big Bear when I leave here.'

Even on Essential 10, I never went over my data allowance, because I tracked my usage with Networx. This data plan was actually double the data I had with Verizon for the same price, but the Exede service is much more reliable.

In January, I treated myself to an upgrade to the Freedom 150 plan.  Exede sent me a new Wifi modem which I hooked up and activated with no issues.  Now I'm streaming movies on my computer or my TV everyday, and I watch the livestream of April the giraffe quite a bit each day.  I still track my data use of course, but I can't seem to go over 1/2 of my monthly data allowance.  I'll keep trying.

Oh, and when Exede calculated my prorated bill for the switchover plus the next month, I had some days on the old plan and some days on the new plan, I went ahead and calculated what I should owe for February with all the prorated days.  My bill agreed with my calculations to the penny.

I live way out in the middle of nowhere in the California desert.  My options for internet are very limited.  Exede is the best and most reliable internet I've ever had.  I pay $109.99 per month, and yes, it's expensive, but I've explored all my options, and there's nothing cheaper that works as well. I'm very happy with Exede.
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Love Exede? No.  Satisifed with Exede?  Yes,

In many rural areas like my installation, where there is no cell coverage, no cable networks, no DSL-, no fiberoptic networks, and no WAN services, satellite is the only commercial choice.

Exede seems to be the best choice of the satellite vendors in our neck of the left coast:
  • It has been reliable. (less then 10 drops and reboots in almost two years)
  • It has been fast -- for satellite internet - latency is always an issue, but transmission speed is good.
  • Installation was well done. Less then an hour from arrival to departure.
  • VOIP Phone works great as long as I have power!
  • Online and voice help? Adequate. Not particularly bad or good, people I have dealt with have courteous and helpful if not always knowledgeable, Business office is typical.  Try dealing with AT&T for real annoyance.
  • Is having a data cap desirable?  No.  But better a data cap than no internet except a 9.8KBps dialup connection.  If I really need additional data, I can buy it as needed.
  • Is it inexpensive? No. Is it outrageously expensive? No.  Part of the price of owning a bit of paradise is more expensive service costs. 
  • Have they ripped off my data? Not that I can see. So far, everytime I think there has been an issue with data consumption it has not directly been Exede's problem, but some user error or poorly designed update code that assumes internet data is free. I monitor usage pretty carefully (I'm a tight fisted and retired IT guy) and have yet to find a problem. Does that mean there won't be one? No. That is why I keep monitoring.

FYI We have a 10GB plan and usually don't hit the cap. We we do (say about 27 days into the billing period.)  we will have some S-L-O-W service during metered hours and good service during our 'free' hours.  Access is a matter of scheduling. It is vital to secure a capped network to prevent data leeches and unexpected devices from stealing your data bandwidth.

Like I said, I am satisfied, but not in love. 
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Also a very happy customer!  I started my hi speed internet with Verizon 3G many many moons ago.  Progressed up to 4G and 45mbs.  Changed to Exede when the 150 Gig package became available to me.  99% of our internet usage is streaming Netflix, Roku, Acorn, Funamation....never need anything faster then "up to 12mbs".   When the new Satellite is up and running, many more will have the opportunity for much larger data packages.  Unfortunately, many will still go over their data and blame Exede.  I guess that comes with the territory when you are an ISP.
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Sure you could look past the high price, spotty service, artificially blocking websites, or the low data caps, but the fact is people only sign up for satellite internet because they don't have a choice.
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imma so happy with exede. cause before i had exede my other ISP was like having connection issues with them all the time. then they had to cancel my services with them. then i had to resort to a mobile hotspot i had with verizon. that was like 100$ for 10gbs so i had to stretch out my whole 10gbs through out the month. (which i managed to do but dont know XD ) then i came across exede they offered 150gbs of data for 100 and some dollars. so i signed up with them end of july and IMMA LOVING MY NEW SERVICES!!! :D i was so thankful for exede to provide internet into my area :3 also everyday i say to myself. imma so thankful for exede to have internet for me. i dont know what i would do without them. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! <3 :3 :)