I want to get the Liberty 12 plan, but worried about throttle?

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I live in the countryside and there's literally nothing else other than this out here. If I get the liberty 12 plan and go over my data is it really 1mb to 5 mb download speed or is just a trick and in reality speeds are equivalent to dialup? Also it says I have to commit to 2 years of this service. If they ever remove the Liberty Plans will I keep the one I am on or will I be forced to get a new plan? Even if all goes well how is Exede on gaming, will it work out or is the ping horrible?
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Posted 5 years ago

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Exede is not good for gaming period. My son can not play his ps3 .
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You cannot do gaming on Exede! First with the current data usage issue you would go through the 25 GB in just a few days, and the latency is totally impossible for any real on line gamer. I run ping speeds on a good day from 800 ms to 1200 ms. Which makes online gaming impossible.
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I have had satellite internet for 9yrs and for the last 2+ yrs I have been playing wartune online and have never gone over my data limit. Granted that was with HughesNet but I have had Exede for 2 months now and have had no issues. Yes the latency is a factor in gaming from time to time the game gets so bad I just have to log out and then log back in to reset my connection to the game but over all its manageable. Yes the data caps are an issue but you just have to be cautious and watch what your doing. Only one I know on here that has the liberty plan is Craig and he hasn't used up his priority data yet to get to the liberty pass portion like he was trying to test it. As far as if they change plans again or anything you will keep the plan you have for as long as you want unless you want to change it. Now if they change the plans and you switch to the new one you won't be able to switch back.
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We are also on the Liberty plan and also will have to go over the priority data to test it, but in theory it should be a very workable plan if the speeds are delivered as described.  The 1 to 5 mbps speeds are fast enough to stream videos (maybe with some buffering off and on) and if I get an occasional time that its busy and things slow down more I can just wait until the busy time passes and do things later on.  I'm optimistic as random speed checks during prime time I have been doing, the slowest I have gotten so far as about 7 mbps down and most are 10 or higher during prime time so that looks very promising for a workable internet when we hit the Liberty Pass portion of our plan.  One question I had asked was if the speed was strictly throttled to 5 mbps or below and the reply was no that it could spike higher during less busy times so I'm actually quite curious to test the performance under the pass.  I have never done online gaming so you'll have to rely on Knight Rider for how well that may or may not work.
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One other thing I thought of / remembered...before we upgraded and changed our network around at work to where we have 2 separate internet connections and two firewalls I used to play wartime off my laptop at work on our wireless. Now I'm not talking normal wireless this wireless was a T1 (1.5Mb) line that our phones come in on and sense it's a T1 line we added the wireless router to that. Granted they have added so much new stuff to the game I doubt that would work anymore but at the time I was playing my game on a 1.5 mb internet connection at work.
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Hello Sabino, I can understand your concern regarding new service and new packages. There is a two year contract agreement with all Exede customers. Liberty is one of our new packages available through some areas, I can assure you Liberty will not be going away anytime soon. Once you have reached your data limit you will be placed on what it called Liberty pass which offers 1 to 5 Mbps which will still be fast enough to allow you to continue to use the internet. As far as gaming is concerned many online games will experience a noticeable lag or delayed effect, which is normal and expected with any satellite internet network. Hope this information was helpful. For additional info please visit Exede.com Thank you -Exede Lindsey 
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I switched to the Liberty Plan, and I had 3 days where I went over my cap.  The only thing I noticed was the speed dropped from my normal 15+ to between 2-5 mb

I was able to surf, email, and watch youtubes with some buffering.  I almost always went over before, and was very limited in what I could do then, but now it is very usable for us.

I hardly ever used the free zone, so that really didnt matter losing it.
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Thank you this was helpful
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twitch games and fps you will not like on exede....and singke player, or turn based game, youll never notice the ping
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The idea behind the Liberty pass is that you would get the bandwidth available after those on priority data get theirs. So you still go to the back of the line, as it were, but you should get better speeds than under restriction on one of our Classic plans. I was with our videographer yesterday who's on Liberty and he speed-tested at 18 Mbps down while on Liberty pass (this was in Colorado). It really depends on what kind of traffic is happening in your beam, so in the middle of the day it'll probably be pretty good; in the evening maybe closer to that 1-5 Mbps Randy experienced.
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i dont know who else to complain to or even call, but ur internet is HORRIBLE!!!! Im locked in for 2 years as of July 2014, I will never, ever refer to family or friends!!! Dial up internet is way better and thats a shame for what you bill customers for! One hour after my comtract is up, I will be done with your service!!!!
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Dana, send an email to the moderators at exedelistens@viasat.com with your problems. Be sure to include your account number or phone number so they can identify your account. The will check into your modem and try to correct your internet connection.
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Dial up is in no way better....no way
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Dana, as Steve mentioned, please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.

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