I need more Data Please Thank You

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I have been a Viasat Customer for Years in the Beginning I never had any issues with the Service and Speed nor usages , but as time went on and new devices came out IE: Roku, Tablets, Smart Phones etc etc, and new Plans etc , etc etc, the Service has become terrible , I have up'd my service plans, I have paid More and More and More , I have had Service call after Service call after service call I have had tech support go thru my computer to clean things out , I have changed my wi fi password, I have changed my Modem to the best money can buy , I have unplugged devices , I have had equipment replaced, I have had more data added , huh then the problem gets better ( until that data is used up ) , then it goes back to buffering and buffering and I can not browse the internet succesfully, I can not shop on line, or use a website with out interuption , I can not sit and watch a program on the TV with out it constantly being interupted with the circular buffering and " loading notifications " , I call and I am asked if I want to buy more DATA ? when I'm already paying out the ass for DATA as it is that I'm not using to begin with ! All I know is , Is that I have been a faithful Loyal customer for years , I have been paying for services that I have not been using for years , I am not getting and / or using services that I need to use when I need to use them, I live in a remote erea with no family near by , we also use the excede Voice , I can not begin to convey how disturbing it is to pick up the phone and need to call someone in an urgent situation for help only to find , oh sorry your services don't work, you've used up all your data, do you want to buy more time .............
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Posted 3 years ago

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when i had exceded i was on the freedom plan so i had so much data i never used it all but it was so expensive!!!!! but with freedom plan i never ran out of data but then i didnt watch movies!!!
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first dump the voice and try magic jack - its much cheaper [about $40 a year or $35]
the jack has several other services, caller ID,voice mail that I use often [that might help?]
ive been with excede a long time too and in the last couple years they "claimed" I used up my data
[yet the modem was off and we were gone]
they suggested a new modem/passwords - yeesh what a waste of time - i hear you about all that and after upgrading? they suggest I get a better plan - pfffft to that
they have not been able to maintain the other plans- - -
the last onsite tech suggested I move to hughsnet [really?]
however I have seen hughsnet at other homes and it is even worse.
 *of course he claimed gen5 is better - - I will believe it when I see it.
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Hello Brenda,  

The internet has changed over the years and each web page has a lot more data.  There are programs that run in the background that also uses your data and applications updates that you may not be aware of. 
When the data is used up, the speed will be slowed. Your priority data is used up and you are in data restriction, which means slower speeds.
The Data Allowance Policy states, speeds may be slowed orrestricted for a period of time when customers use 100% or more of theirmonthly data allowance. This means that web pages and email will takesignificantly longer to load and most other internet activities will not work.

The most common causes for high data usage are typicallydownloading or streaming media content (e.g. online videos, music, and internetradio), downloading full-length movies, and downloading or uploading largefiles (e.g. viewing pictures on Facebook or through SnapChat).  Customers have the choice to purchaseadditional data under ViaSat’s Buy More option at $10.00 per 1 GB on anas-needed basis, but are not required to do so. Alternatively, customers may utilize ViaSat’s Late Night Free Zone from12:00 AM to 5:00 AM / Early Bird Free Zone from 3 a.m. – 8 a.m., local time,during which unmetered service is provided at no extra cost, if you are on one of those plans.
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thank you for the informative reply.
 yes i have tracked my data use with my computer - yet the folks on the excede line did not accept my information as it is not theirs.

 which router are you using and did excede make use of the data you collected with it?

 I recall the times the old wildblue site failed to track and they were not able to monitor usage. in recent years the exced site is often down for us here in the north west and yet the folks on the line claim their tracking is accurate.
after a few more calls and reaching higher tech support - they were able to see that yes my modem had been off and yes their metering is not infallible and they adjusted it from my reported information. [helpful people are not easily found]

 it would be great to have some tracking router with software to track every byte coming through - that would be a good thing to have for personal information as well as keeping track for excede.

 I am looking forward to your reply about that.

 I have been using a netgear wifi router for years and our nearest neighbor is over half mile away. yes we changed our network name and password, just in case. :)
even ran directly off the modem so only 1 computer is connected and still excede had us going over - so it is not the router using extra data.
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dear bev -
 from your replies it appears you might be working for excede.
the first ones I have talked to on the phone had the same  canned, read from their manual replies that are not helpful.
 It is very unlikely that one can use in excess of 6.4 gb [without watching video] in 2 days before un powering your modem for a week after.
 then to come home and you power on and exced has your data at 75% used
and your computer is off but the software on it shows your use for the month at under 2 gb as the computer was off - the modem was off the router had not been on that month at all.
 after talking to the folks on the phone a few times - I gave up on finding a helpful person as they had the same canned read from their book response that just ticks you off. they were not helpful or even polite enough to be nice.
so I hang up on ppl like that as they are just annoying. and using my data. :O
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I utilize an older ASUS router (no longer available) that has a Traffic Monitor feature.

The later ASUS models have  a fairly robust traffic analyzer feature. One such model is covered by GWalk900 at:


If my router were to die today, the ASUS RT-AC3100 would be my first choice but there are some lower price entry points that can accomplish some of the same with a custom firmware as noted in the post mentioned.

P.S. Yes, ViaSat is not required to accept statistics from third party sources - but they do make it a bit easier to argue your case and demand they explain the discrepancies when found - personally I've found no discrepancies since the fall of 2013.       
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Hi Labs
 thanks for the fast and informative reply
I have been looking at the routers and the one you list.
the data use was not an issue here until the last 2 years.
 So it might be time to get a router that has this feature. :)

 hopefully excede will accept this information as well.
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 Ho James

"lol and in my case I unplugged the Ethernet cable right before the data reset and at late nite free zone and left it off for a few days, modem still powered on, so no data should have been used whatsoever and with it unplugged, that would rule out any of my equipment?Write a comment"

 I oops awhile back and unplugged the modem for a month while we were gone.
sadly it was unplugged during the reset [new month bill time] and it did not reset because my modem was off.
 that was exede explanation. I was bummed that they were so dependent on my modem being on and connected with the dish antennae. As many times this modem disconnects from the dish [looses signal] and one time a few months back it did this during their reset and I called in and after a few calls did get a person that looked and saw my connection was off and on and they adjusted the reset as it was a few hours after their reset time.
 it is a bummer that we have to track our internet connection so closely and have to do so much of their work for them in order to get better service for ourselves.