I have the largest internet package Viasat has available to purchase, yet I get horrible ping?

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Despite having the best package i could get, I still get ping well above 550. It's likely as I live in the country, around 15 or 20 minutes from the closest town. But if there is anyway this is just a fluke of some sort then how would I go about getting lower ping? (I use an ethernet cable)
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Posted 2 years ago

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The problem is that you are using Satellite technology, and the info travels at essentially the speed of light. The Satellite is 22,200+ miles above the equator. It takes time to travel up and down to Satellite.
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Yeah, I suppose that makes sense. I guess I can't complain to much though. Download speed is still about 27 mbs
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You are on satellite internet. The ping will be around 600 to 750 ms no matter what plan you are on. The satellite is 22,500 miles above the equator, it just takes that long for the signal to travel that far, since it requires the request to travel from your dish to the satellite, then back down to the ground station, and the return to the satellite from the ground station to the satellite, then back to your dish. It is just a matter of physics, and nothing can be done to lower the ping.
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Yep. That's one thing we won't ever be able to fix because of how far the satellite is. 
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Ping will never change.
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Nope, average 550-700 ms latency (ping) no mater what server you are connecting to. Yes, that's a fail for some games but, many games do play fine.

I play and, beta test for Rift, Aion, Battlefield IV, and SCUM (official servers do have a 500 ms ping lock for SCUM but, I run a private server that allows up to 1200 ms for those of us that need a high ping server for the game.)

I am also now a game developer for a small indie company. We are working on some great stuff in DCT (working tile of the game we're working on) and, we are gearing it for high latency from the get go, so, it's going to be a great one for satellite ISP customers and, others with latency issues.
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Bev always has got something cookin!
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This is something they actually have no control over.
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i have a pretty large package as well, just sayin