I had my service installed today. Silver 25 plan.

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I was really hoping for faster speeds. But it is raining today, bad. I guess that's one reason and congestion? I getting about 3mbps give or take.
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Posted 2 years ago

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What do your modem statistics look like at:

Specifically the general section.

A good install can survive some rain fade, probably the ubiquitous congestion on a Saturday afternoon. Dragging here also.
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Yep, snowing here and it's a weekend! 
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Dawn thanks but no thanks. I read up on and somewhat expected what I have. I'm just a little disappointed. I live so far out Veriaon is the only reliable cellular service.
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I think the copy and paste buttons are stuck on Dawn's keyboard.  She really needs to get a new computer.
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I agree!
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2017-Nov-30 viasatguy

The ViaSat system uses adaptive coding and modulation to mitigate the effects of rain fades.

In clear sky conditions the link can perform at maximum levels which allow for maximum efficiency. As rain attenuation increases, the link will resort to using less efficient coding and modulation. The link connectivity is maintained but throughput speeds will drop.

As conditions degrade, eventually the link will drop. But typically the link is maintained longer than for a DirecTV or Dish satellite TV signal.
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That explains why my DirecTV goes out but Viasat doesn't when it rains.  Thanks!
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Weather can have an effect on performance (much like satellite TV) but we have designed it to work with most weather events. Normally I'd say maybe not in a downpour but some folks were online during the hurricanes this summer. Snow obviously can affect it if it piles on the dish and somewhere I think even on this forum we've had a picture of a dish in Alaska with giant broadsword sized icicles hanging off the TRIA and it was working!

So I'd say with a shrug probably in weather it won't be optimal, but once it clears up you should see an improvement. Otherwise give us a call at 855-463-9333