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Okay, Exede, you win. I am now at 72% with 16 days to go. This is the 3rd month in a row that I will use up my data before the end of the month. I do not have smart tvs or blueray players that are connected to the internet. My Directv is not connected to the internet. First I was told it was because of my phone, which is not on any of your plans, then I was told it was due to "Other Videos" (apparently these are not from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc, but from news sights that I don't even visit). Then when I disagreed with this explanation, I was told (and this is my favorite) that I have 4 computers and a phone connected to the internet. That would be kind of hard to do since I only have 1 computer, its only my husband (who doesn't even know how to turn on the computer) and myself in the house and we are not close enough to any of our neighbors for them to log on to my password protected wifi.  I have been with this company for several years, and the few times I used all my data was my fault (I streamed a couple of movies), but when you say I used 30 gb in 4 days, then in 11 days and this month in about 20 days (and I haven't streamed anything and am only on my computer about 2 hours a day), then there is a problem and I don't see it being resolved by you, Exede.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hello Bettie,

Exede will INFER what sites you visited and what was connected by the type of traffic they see. The problem with that is that every website is built out of a large number of blocks or modules if you will.

They can take on many characteristics based on the site itself, Operating System settings, browser used and browser settings and of course any browser extensions that are installed.

As to your Router being "password protected" I'm afraid that a Router has a few more aspects to it that you may or may not be aware of.

In addition to having a strong Router username and password protecting the Router's GUI there is also the matter of wireless security encryption being enabled properly as well as disabling all Guest Accounts, disabling WPS and knowing what internal router services if any are enabled and active.

In addition Netgear, Linksys and Cisco routers have had recent security issues announced that makes them vulnerable if not patched with the latest firmware update.

There have been many changes in the way Microsoft does business lately that many users are not aware of ..... Telemetry and updates now delivered as "roll-ups" as well as some update/fail loops that can really burn through a lot of data.

Many sites have increased the number of "Ad modules" that make up their website. Many more now "auto-start" video content and probably the most invasive and least understood is the HTML5 video "pre-fetch" of embedded video content that will preload all video of that type without your knowledge so that it is instantly available .... as a courtesy ... just in case you wish to see it. That activity has to be blocked with specific browser extensions.

The only way to tell what is consuming your data ... on that single computer is to install the free version of Glasswire. That will tell you the details of what is needed such as FlashBlock, AdBlock Plus and Flash Control.

Rather than a lot of reposts there are three topics that I have replied to at length that I think you would benefit from. (yes they are long but your answer lays within them)





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Bingo to everything Gwalk said.  It's easy to bash the Internet provider as being the problem when the real issue is that the end user is ignorant as to everything that is going on behind the scenes that is bandwidth intensive.

I said ignorant....not stupid.  That is where we the end user when on a bandwidth limited platform have to do a bit more due diligence on our end.  Most of the websites and the various updates from Microsucks and others are designed for the majority of the Internet users that have a big pipe today.  The satellite internet users are a small minority of the overall demand.

One of my biggest beefs is what you said with the html5 video prefetching that goes on behind the scenes.  That can suck up a ton of bandwidth if your not aware of what is going on.  Go to any of the sports websites that have video feeds/stories and use html5 prefetch and your browser might download three or four videos that your not aware of and you don't even watch them but it counts against your quota.

Perhaps exede could be a little more forceful with their education of their customers or perhaps even design something into the modem firmware if possible that would let you turn some of that hidden bandwidth or at least notify you about it through a toolbar or something but I don't know much about coding to know how feasible something like that is.

What I do know however is like anything else in the end the onus comes down on us the end user of any service to educate yourself and look out for your own interests as nobody will step in and do that for you.