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I went to the 25GB to help my usage from 18 GB per month and still run out of gigs a week before it starts over.... And it is as fast as it was when I run out !!! Today it started over again and it was as fast yesterday as it is today!!!Don`t give me the BS to reboot and satellite out of alignment blah blah blah !! I know better !!! I am moving the same speed with or without the same speeds !!! That`s ok, we have finally gotten a new provider in this forsaken countryside and I am checking into it as I am typing this !! YAY !!!

And get this, the slowest and unresponsive site I am dealing with right now, is this one !!! HAHAHA

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Posted 2 years ago

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well ummm first of all... it could be how many devices there are onto the network... like if you installed a wifi router then it can download auto-updates... also with windows 10 if ya have it they had an update for this month... windows 10 update was going to be sometime this month... also ya need to manually turn off the auto-updates to ONLY when you update it when you want certain apps to update...

also if ya want to get out of the 2 year contract from which you signed...  you will be having to pay about 200$-300$ termination fee and also the remain months after you pay for the termination fee you will be bills for so many months after you end the termination fee... so for example... you had 24 months... but yet you paid until 12 months... then ended the contract in the 12th month... but yet also... the other 12 months... you will be billed a small fee... also you'll have to send back the equipment like you have to uninstall everything even the satillite also...

like when i mean everything... everything!!! but you'll have to do it by youself though...

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Well UMMMM !!! # 1 no auto updates and they are all done manually as I know how to change and do these on my own.!!

#2 And UMMM No Windows 10 as I elected to keep my 7 that I have had for many years now and love it !!

#3 Ummmm Same devices as I have ever had since I have been with Exede for almost 5 years !!!

SO UMMM I do not have to worry about any contracts because I have not had one for over 3 years !!!!

You are batting a big fat O WITH ME  !!!

And everything you have said is all wrong dude !!! Or Mr. Champion !!!  LOL !!!

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Why are you being a jerk when someone is trying to help you?  I'm glad you are going to another provider.  Ummm, hope that helps.
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I`m sorry Jim. I guess it was a bad day and than just the way this was read and the way it came across to me , maybe I just took Deku`s way of the comment struck me all wrong. I also apologize to Deku too for this. My apologies !!

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Hi LuvtoDrum

Please send us an email to exedelistens@viasat.com and we can see what's going on with your usage and speeds
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When i find a better company than exede, i will be outta here. I use more my verizon cell phone internet than i do my wifi, Exede sucks!! And after 5pm, forget it can watch anything on wifi. I have a nighthawk wifi router thinking it was going to make a big difference and it only helped by 10 percent at best. I hate exede wireless!! My priority data runs out within two weeks and even on my priority, my cell phone internet data out speeds exede by a mile!!