I am a possible new customer in Indiana

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I am currently using Verizon hotspot for my internet. It is on the expensive side. I am on there 40gb plan at 150/mo. I have gone over my allotment the last couple of months. My wife and i don't stream videos or play video games. We watch you tube every now and then. I don't know where all usuage went to. I have installed networxs and glasswire. This month I have used approx. 20gb. That is with downloading windows ten and a couple of large microsoft updates. Verizon shows that am close to 40gb used.
I have been studying Excede and Hughesnet. I was liking the liberty plan from Exede and now they switched it classic with the free zone. Do you know when they will bring back the liberty plan to my area?
I like the speed of the liberty plan if you used your data allowance. And not at the old dial up speeds.
Has anyone have any recommendations between satellite and Verizon hot spots? Thanks.

Plus it looks like Exede is better than Hughesnet.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi John,  Thanks for considering Exede Internet Service. Please send your contact information to exedelistens@viasat.com. We'll see what's available in your area.
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I've had both as well, Excede and Verizon, I'm not convinced Excede is any faster but I am certain its data usage is much faster or improperly monitored, the only reason I continue their service is that I was told that in late 2016 they may be going to unlimited data once another satellite is launched but if not I am going back to Verizon. Overall I am disappointed especially considering the cost and the service, I hope this helps. By the way I recently increased my package to 18 gbs since I was frequently needing to "buy" more from Excede, though 10 was always enough with Verizon.
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Satellite Launch delayed until 2017. I doubt they will have Unlimited Fast Internet. While Exede involves very complex installation and it takes two to three hours of installing it compared with Verizon's Pocket Sized Jet Pack, I still recommend Exede even if speeds might be slower, perhaps as slow as 2G depending on Congestion. I believe this is one of the reasons why they are adding a satellite. The other reason is to make room for more customers. A possible third reason is that one of the other satellites could be retiring. You should keep your Jet Pack just in case you need to travel.
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If you use over 40 GB, I would suggest Exede Business 50. It's only about 20.00 more than you are paying now and, currently, you do get a 3AM to 8AM free zone (subject to change at any time.) Plus if you go over, you are not slowed, just billed 10.00 per additional GB. Give the Business Sales team a call at 855-863-6566 and ask about that .
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John, with you current plan, what happens if you go over your limit? Do they shut it off? Do you get charged extra?
Exede plans currently don't offer as much bandwidth BUT if you go over the limit you don't get charged extra and the internet is still somewhat usable.
I have the classic plan with 10Gb per month & a LNFZ for pretty much unlimited data. It's great when it isn't out due to weather or maintenance. They tend to do the maintenance during the LNFZ. I think current planes have earlybird instead-- so it is 3am to 8am while mine is 12am to 5am.

You will tend to experience higher latency with satellite- 700ms and higher-- which can cause webpages to time out and cause some issues. It makes voip and videochatting a pain (I don't do either).
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If I go over 40gb I am charged $15/gb. They don't slow the it down. I haven't gone over 40gb lately. I was wondering if Verizon over clocking my account. A lot of times I am around 25 to 35 gb a month. I even downloaded windows 10 and didn't go over 40/gb. When I was going over 40gb I couldn't understand where the gb went to to cause the overage. Right now I am paying a $150 for 40gb. The normal price is $300. This was a promotional price. Now with Verizon changing there pricing plans, I am not sure if I will be able to keep it at the price. I am keeping my options open for now. It looks like Exede download is faster than the Verizon hotspot. Exed is a no brainer for me if I can't keep the my promotional rate.