How did I use 25gig in 3 days???

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How did I use 25gig in 3 days??? I only spend about 1/2 hour in morning and about an hour in the evening. NOT happy with Excede and will let everyone know how unhappy I am.. Called to complain and all they did was insist I used 25 gigs in those 3 days. Hate this company!
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Posted 6 years ago

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Odd that you would buy an expensive 25 gig plan if you didn't spend much time on it but you could have a good reason I suppose. 

I recommend placing your modem somewhere you can see it while you are at home or watching TV so you can see the receive and transmit LED. If it blinks you are using data. I did that very thing because I have my router connected to my Directv Genie. On occasion I do things that I didn't realize uses data. Also while you are not home turn off your router. FWI, I spend 8-hours a day on mine and download movies after midnight and only use between 50% and 70% of my bandwidth. I avoid large downloads during the day.

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is the correct link. I got careless. Thanks
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You might also want to take a look at Net Guard. I use Networks and Net Guard because both have features I like. Net Guard will tell you which applications are using the most data. In other words if something is using data and you don't know what it is you will be able to find the source of the problem. Both are free!

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This seems to be an ongoing issue for Exede customers.  When I was with Wildblue, we rarely went over our 25G data limit.. since Exede has taken over, the 25G is used up in less than 2 weeks every month!  I have asked for a log, but to no avail.  

I did find this - might help others...

I'm hoping the tracker will help me see what's going on..We don't use Netflix nor do we have satellite TV, nor do we have any gaming apps. if it's OUR usage, I want to see where we can correct it.. that's all I'm asking, is someway to track the usage..time, amount, websites, etc.  Seems crazy this isn't a standard tool provided by Exede.
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I did a test today. I shut down my computer and rebooted because the tracker on my iMac will track from the time of the last startup. I have been watching the information on my app that comes preloaded on a Mac, so this may not help many people here....

But...what I want to relay....this Activity Monitor I have on my computer tracks data as it happens, it also shows what programs are using what. So far since I started the test this afternoon and I just checked the Exede Data Usage site on my account and both trackers are equal...right on the money.

So the Exede tracker seems to be accurate in my case.

Changes I made this morning were closing tabs on Google Chrome that I was not using, closing 6 different Excel spreadsheets that were open but were not being used. I closed everything I was not using. So basically it was just my Mail, Google Chrome and system files running. 

I normally put my computer in sleep mode at night but tonight I will record Exede data and then shut my computer off. Tomorrow I will do another test matching the Exede Usage tracker with my computer tracker and see if there are any differences and let people know what I find out.
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I would like to report this morning, Aug 6 that so far my Activity Monitor on my computer that is tracking data usage is matching what my Exede account tells me I am using. This is after a .3Gb is used.
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Hi Doug Harrison,
That is definitely a lot of GB to go through in 3 days. The only way that all of those GB could've been used like that is possibly due to an update your computer did, Netflix, cell phones, tablets. If you have a wireless router that isn't secured and neighbors that are close by they could be using your internet and depending on if that is happening and what they are doing will take up your data. If you like send us an email at with your account information and we can take a look at your account and see what might be going on with that usage and help you monitor it better so you can get the most out of your internet data. =) Exede Emerald
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Doug ... that's a lot of data in that amount of time. I have only had Exede since June 2014. I look at my data usage every day and log that amount into my excel spreadsheet I set up that links to a graph so I can see if I am staying under my 15Gb per month.

What I found to be a real Gb zapper was when I as a test, connected my Directv to my Exede connection. Even while the tv was turned off during the day, all day, my Exede usage was 1.7Gb and I had not even been on my computer nor the tv. I called Directv and they really couldn't help me too much on the data or where it was coming from.

When I disconnected the Directv from my Exede connection and used my computer the following day all day, I used .6Gb of data.

You have to have some downloads, updates or something running in the background that you don't know about to use that much data.
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a misaligned antenna? nobody seems to think of that, but it can eat data at a phenomenal rate. It is just a suggestion.

The idea of somebody tapping into your wireless router would only make sense if you have neighbors that are close, like city living or apartment building close. Since a high majority of satellite internet users are rural, it makes no sense in that case.

Modem software updates use data too, and that is on your dime. Bad data, or where an application sends CRC errors (cyclic redundancy checks) back asking for a retransmission of the data is also on your dime. Modem Looping is also a culprit for excessively high data usage in short periods of time.

The fallibility lies in the way satellite modems work.  Yes, you can use a data tracking software that reports very accurately what and how much data goes through your router or modem, but not what is happening from the modem to the satellite and back down again to what ever network you are accessing.

If your modem receives a bad packet of data, it will ask for re transmission of the data packets until it gets good packets.  Data packet transmissions happen in milliseconds and are encrypted, so the next time you download, let us say a 500mb file, and you see the download bar pause or stall briefly, that is more than likely what is happening somewhere along the line (from some server to your PC) and that "500mb" file can grow by several percentage points (assuming a 1 in a million bytes error count, that would be about 50mb of bad data or a 10% increase in file size). That too is on your dime.

See more here:

I have been an Exede 12 customer for 2 years now and it is the fastest satellite internet available, and generally has good service, BUT, the data usage information they show the customers has gone from mediocre to poor.  It portrays only a percentage graph of total usage with no breakdowns of upload to download usage and day-to-day data usage amounts.

That is why I use a third party data tracker. RealityRipple's Satellite Restriction Tracker is very, very good as it queries the satellite provider directly for usage statistics. It can be found here:

(YES, it's back up with a new version. yea.)

Next best thing is Networx
... but it only tracks the data the router uses, and not what is used by the modem. It has all the breakdowns of usage I need, but where it reports only .99gb used based on the kibi multiplier(x1024), Exede reports 2.99gb used with no idea which day used the most data. Networx and SRT report that the most data was used on Aug. 3 between 4pm and 10pm, see what I mean? 

Step 1) get a third party data usage tracker or even two.

Step 2) check all the devices connected to your router. Disconnect them and reconnect them one at a time to track down the data hog if need be. Reboot the modem too.

Step 3) check all the cables connecting all this stuff together (a bad cable can eat data too)

Step 4) get someone out there to double check the antenna alignment and cable installation.

Step 5) if everything on your end is good,  then their modem is reporting data usage incorrectly. Ask for a refund or replacement modem. Remember, you are leasing that modem and it is their duty to replace it if it is faulty.

As an ultimate and final last resort is to fill out a complaint form with the FCC and FTC. Links here:

Hey, it worked for me when I had a problem with MagicJack. Just remember, that filing such a complaint should only be used when all other options have been exhausted. Cool off for a few days before making that kind of decision.

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