How much data does everyone use in a month?

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I am new to Satellite and have the 10GB plan. Last month we used up the 10 GB's in less than a week which included downloading 2 movies. I't's been a day since the new cycle and I've already used 2.3 GB's just surfing the internet. Has everyone else had to bump up to the unlimited plan?
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I chose the Unlimited Silver plan. There are two people in my household and, now with unlimited, 6 devices allowed to connect. (4 before I got Unlimited.) On average we use 40 to 60 GB per month unless I do a game download, then since some of those are in excess of 60 GB, we can go well over 100 GB used in a month.

The one month my DH was on the road all month and we used FaceTime everyday for a couple of hours each day, we used 130 GB that month with no downloads.

One movie is about 2.5 to 3 GB so, if you want to do that, you probably need a more generous plan.
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I am on the Freedom 12 Mbps -150 GB plan. I am the only user in the house normally, with visits from some of my kids one or two days a month. I typically watch some Netflix and hulu videos, usually two or three hours a day. My typical monthly usage is around 50 to 75 GB, but on occasion it has gone as high as 120 GB. I do other web browsing, a little shopping online, and checking a few forums daily, normally about an hour or at most two.

My home network has two laptops, a desktop, a DISH Hopper3, a TiVo DVR and an Android phone, all connected through the wireless channels.
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My usage is similar to Steve's. Just myself. So you figure two people might use 100 - 150GB. It us families of four or more that really can use 150GB+ very easily.
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Satellite internet has traditionally been the choice of last resort for people. Mainly this is due to the small data caps. If you’ve been accustomed to having dsl or cable, you will either have to majorly adjust your lifestyle (downloading movies is data intensive), or go with a much higher plan. I don’t know where people go to get their stats (Antarctica maybe?), but nationally people use less than 150 GB per month. Omitting people that live under rocks, people I know use 500 GB or more a month.

People that have unlimited terrestrial internet use much more than they imagine. ISPs probably like to quote low usage numbers because it makes their data caps look reasonable.

If you routinely stream or download movies, only an unlimited plan will come close to satisfying your needs.

If you counted up my usage from all sources each month, I would approach the 500 GB to 1 TB range.
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with a 10gb plan and even higher plans you need to check for free zones like any early bird zone and set device updates to start and run automatically at those times and even download managers for large files and move downloads .   basic web use and music streaming of around 5hr a day uses about 10-30gb in  a month based on music quality and web page features    . a 1hr video can range from .5 -3.5 gb unless its 4k or 3d then don't even try it on a sat connection.   for 2 movies a week you need 28gb then add 10gb for a normal web browsing habit  then 10+ gb for use of 4+ devices that use web apps and updates assuming there will be more then one person using the internet service . ie. you /spouse or you/child  and with any metered connection set devices network to metered connection to prevent devices for checking facebook, email and weather status over and over for no reason and stop updates that can steal data with out you even knowing but still check for and properly update security and critical  features  . 48gb+ would be normal internet use for anyone . but county data can get expensive if you sit by a screen to much . if you run out of data you can buy more but at $10 a gig . but first figure out what your expectations of internet use is and try to match a budget to your expectations