How Much Data Does DirecTv Use?

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I just hooked up my DVR to my Exede service and am wondering how much data will I use watching an hour of On Demand Directv? Also. Is there a way to change picture quality to use less data?
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Posted 5 years ago

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I am pretty sure the amount is zero.  If I recall correctly your system only communicates across the internet so your direct tv receiver can pull the correct content across its own dish.
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Not correct. It will use a ton of data very quickly if you use their "on demand" options, which do stream the programming via your Internet (Exede) connection. It happened to me. Furthermore, it's hard to disconnect your DirecTv Genie from Internet access because it uses WiFi, not Ethernet, and once you give it the wireless security password you can't get back to that setting via the normal menus. I had to change the router password to get rid of it. Sucked up all of my data allowance in 2-3 days because I selected a bunch of programs to download to the DVR for watching later. Then I got the dreaded email from Exede's robots warning me I was out of data. I called Exede and they gave me 5GB more for free. Twice. I called Directv to ask if there was any way to turn off all features that might download via the Internet, and they said no.  So mine stays disconnected.+
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You are correct Nicholas. It is the DVR feature that does not use data, but the On Demand options definitely do and considerable amounts.
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I don't use Genie (my DVR is connected directly to the only TV I own) so I'm speculating. I just looked at some Genie-mini FAQs and read that it has parental controls. Is time of day one of those controls?
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DTV does not use data IF you do not use the apps or On Demand. If you do, calculate is the same as streaming HD video. I have my DTV DVR on my LAN but, the data using services are ONLY to be used during the LNFZ.

DTV gets broadcast (currently playing in the guide) programs via it's own satellite so, does not need internet for that.
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Please visit this site for a estimation on how much data will be consumed based on your activities.
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There isn't much of a way to be careful enough using data if you connect your receiver any more, unless you connect it to a router with an electric timer to only turn on during free zone.  I have a higher cap now on another provider, and had my Genie connected.  Now lets say you watch a couple programs in a group on the DVR list and get to the end of what you have recorded, if the program you were watching is available on demand, it will AUTOMATICALLY start streaming the next episode in the series after a 5 second countdown (you can cancel), as if it were already recorded on the DVR.  So, if you are not in the same room, not paying attention, whatever, it will stream automatically unless you cancel/exit.  My Genie is now disconnected, because I don't always pay attention when a show ends to see if it's the last one I have recorded.  Also, if you search for something, often the on demand results are first, etc.  It would be nice if they would include a "no streaming by default" setting.
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Does the Genie connect to the DVR through a the DTV Wireless bridge?

I connect my DTV DVR to Internet access through a DTV Wireless Bridge. I suspect most do. I've put a timer on the bridge so it's only on during the LNFZ. I can queue VOD during the day just as I normally would and at midnight when the bridge powers up it connects to the Internet and downloads the content.

It's not really video on demand. It's more like, video delivered by tomorrow.
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Sounds like a great solution.  Can you be more specific about the DTV Wireless bridge?  I connect (when I do) my DTV Genie receiver via WiFi router.  Is that what you're calling a wireless bridge? When I first got the DTV installed and connected to the Internet it sucked up my data cap the first day. So I keep it disconnected from the net and am not able to use it to the fullest. Because of the way the receiver manages the WiFi connection, once I give it the wireless password I can not access the wireless setup to break the connection, and have to go through a big hassle to do that.  I certainly don't want to turn the WiFi router off except during the free zone because I have many other devices using WiFi. I do have some spare routers around. Could I set one up as a secondary WiFi access point just for the DTV?
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Yes if you have a second wireless router you could put it on a timer and connect it to your main and name the wireless something else and set it to a different channel and configure the dtv to connect to that secondary wireless. And have the timer set to turn on from like 12:00am - 4:30 and just have the timer set a few min slow.
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I detailed what I did in a prior post located here. About halfway down the page. I don't use Genie so I can't say this will work for anyone that does use Genie but it solved my problem. 
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Seems kinda foolish for Excede to stress to their customers not to watch videos or movies during the day because of how much data it uses up then turn around and bundle with directv who's entire busines is providing movies and video's for their customers. Its like dangling a carrot in front of the donkey to get him to go.

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