How long do I have to return as a customer?

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I know it's not the weekend yet but here is what I'm contemplating
I called and canceled my service 2 weeks ago.The Customer service representative was very kind and cooperative.I received the box to return the Exede equipment.Well I have been trying to figure out what internet services I can get.At the moment,I am on virgin mobile but they want $5 for every 1 GB.The highest GB they offer is 10 GB for $45 a month. But with it I am able to use hot spot for my laptop and PS4. I could go straight talk but they dont offer hot spot data.
So I got in touch with a EXEDE rep and I was told that being that because I havent shipped the equipment back that I can come back. Is there a certain deadline I have to make so I can come back as a customer? for instance,Suppose in November I finally decide to get back on EXEDE,will I be able to? I was very happy with EXEDE until I changed my plan from the 150 GB to the 12 GB to save money for a month.I tried to get back on the 150 GB plan but being that was a grandfathered plan,I am no longer able to get back on and 12 GB isnt much at all...
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Posted 7 months ago

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You can return any time you want but I am pretty sure you will have to sign a new contract and will be hit with an installation charge if there isn't free installation in your area. You will be treated like a new customer. Put in your zip code on the Viasat website and see what is offered in your area, that is what you can get.
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Agreed, same as a new customer.

If you have that cell service, or other service that's decent, you likely have other options (including using the carrier that Virgin uses).  Discussion not allowed here, look up forums for any carriers in your area for discussion of wireless internet options.

At least examine your options carefully.
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people always think the grass greener on the other side Alex Murray you jumped too fast , hope you get on line with out costing you money too get it up and going try do what Diana asked you too do.Do it now,otherwise you will pay maybe $95.00
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The grass is usually greener on the other side when it comes to jumping away from satellite internet. If he was in my area a standard install would cost him $150 and the cheapest plan with taxes and fees $118.
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IDK.  A number of previous posters on here have dropped Viasat and I don't see them regretting it. 
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Hello Alex, Please call Customer Care at 855.463.9333 and ask to be transferred to the Reconnect Team and you need to do it sooner rather than later.