How does conjestion work?.

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I’ve gotten 1 story on how conjestion works. It was that the people not on priority are given slower internet so that people on priority have it faster. That’s why it’s fastest in midday. I didn’t know if it were true so I wanted to ask. Thanks.
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So, I can’t be sure how their algorithm works as I am not privy to the details, but this is my understanding also and is plausible. I designed real-time digital control systems early in my career as an EE and that is how we controlled which tasks got CPU time. Most real-time operating systems provide many priority levels and tasks that are in a computable state get access to the CPU based on their priority. If high-priority tasks need the CPU they get it and the lower priority tasks only get the processing power left over. Some operating systems allowed limitations to be placed on the high priority tasks so that they did not completely monopolize the CPU, but that had its own issues.

I suspect the same is being done by Viasat. They likely have a few priority levels and those with higher speed plans who have not run out of data for the month get higher priority than those with lower speed plans and who have exhausted they monthly data quota. When the system isn’t busy during the early morning hours, everyone gets their full speed, but as soon as there aren’t enough bits per second to go around, those without data left become the runts of the litter.
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Each beam on the satellites has a finite data capacity. Let's call that 10, to make it easy.

Say at 11AM, only 3 data are being used, that's full speed a head for everyone.. By 4 PM 8 data are being used, it's slowed slightly for everyone. At 6PM 10 data are being used slowed but still around 10 Mbps or so. Now at 8PM customers are demanding 15 data - beyond the capacity of the beam and, everyone ends up at a crawl speed wise.

Viasat does give priority to those who have not used all of the priority data for their plan, so, if you have used all of your priority data, you will be slowed more than if you have not. If you have a Liberty plan, speeds are capped regardless of congestion once you use all of you priority data. On Unlimited plans, speed after using all of your Priority data is only slowed as required by congestion on your beam to allow those with priority data remaining the best possible speeds for the conditions.