How are you using Exede?

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We're looking for some stories about how some of our customers use their Exede service. Do your kids use itto do their homework? Do you use it for job seeking? If you'd be OK talking about it with us, shoot me an email at
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Posted 3 years ago

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Streaming, Streaming, Streaming!
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Admin - How did we end up with 2 forum members with the same name? This could get confusing. I would hate for the other "Jim" to get blamed for my rantings. Another reason to favor the other forum. 
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Apparently this is a known bug with GetSatisfaction.
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O.K.  Changed my name.
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Thanks Jim(16)!
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I try to use it on my computer just to surf the web, but it won't work long enough to get online, and if I do it's for about 10 minutes at a time, can't use it with my smart tv or computer, only a kindle, sometimes at that
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Jims are good people, my name is James but people call me Jim other 4 letter words behind my back. I am a boss at work think your nice guy some times people don't want too hear there wrong. I am happier camper with Exede
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Well, at least it's a very uncommon name.   :-)
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My husband uses Exede to download audio books and podcast which he listens to while driving his semi - it would be a boring, long week of driving for him without Exede Internet service.

I use it to check the weather, play games, email - including vital permits for his semi truck - again no Excede would mean no permits and, that would mean fines for my husband.

We also use the LNFZ to download TV shows and movies we purchase, again that's perfect for entertainment on the go.

Exceded also helps us keep our iPod and iPhones up to date since they don't ahve enough signal at home to do updates, we download those too.
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I use the service two ways. One is personal and one is work. I telework, using VPN.  I need a reliable service and due to where I live, that can be a challenge May thru October when the trees are in full foliage. On a personal level, I use it for emails, Facebook, with very minimal video viewing, google searches, paying. I would like to use it for more things  and since more network TV shows are going to online services, I would like to add video streaming to watch favorite shows that have left the networks and gone to, for example, Netflix. I also will have litters of pups and would like to be able to have the webcam up using, for example, Ustream, to stream the pups. When I was with Hughesnet (prior to Gen4) I was able to do that with no impact to my usage.
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we use the service to expand our patience. We were never this patient with anything before in our entire lives. I'm so glad that we now have "loading" breaks in the middle of our videos that we are streaming. That way we can go load the dishwasher and make the dinner meal while the Netflix show is loading, and then after dinner is all eaten the Netflix video will only be about a minute or two from beginning to play again for another 10 minutes of streaming.

All of this is said in jest obviously, because there is no way we could ever stream Netflix with this service.
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90% of our data is used in streaming and we use 12 GB in three days or less
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Streaming will pack a punch but this might stretch it out a little longer
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Mine does the same thing, and setting Netflix and hulu and all doesn't seem to change it at all, mine just won't pick up after about 3 days, I'm paying for internet for 3 days a month.... we should be able to get out of our contract for this
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well for one thing... this is going to be a BIG BIG BIG LONG I MEAN SUBER BIG LONG STUFF!!! HOPE YALL GUYS ARE IN IT FOR MY ADVENTURE!!! :D anyhoo lets get started shall we??? :3 (please bare in mind it might look like an 2 to 3 pages of what i like to do :3 after writing this imma going to download some more anime :3 also play some video games afterwards :3 )


what shall we tell the story.... hmmmm.... i dont know... ill go about my own way :D

PRE-PREVIEW ONTO TIRZY'S BACKGROUND OF HAVING EXEDE: ok first of all... my name is tirza... but yet my grandma called me tirzy... so anyhoo... it was like... close to one year ago... (cant remember the date but it was in july sometime) i was paying for like 100$ for like 10gbs of data with my verizon jetpack. and yet i would have to manage my data throughout the ENTIRE month... even with my streaming videos... (which i used most of my data for it) and it was VERY hard... as every saturday i would tend to ONLY download my animes... also it was diffacult to mantain... THEN!!! one day in feburary of 2016.... i (as i was with my original ISP before they had to not provide me any service cause of connection diffaculty so they had to cancel the service with me sadly >:( )

so one day i was looking into different options of ISP and so therefore... i found exede in feburary of 2016. so i decided to call them. so i called them up. and they said sorry we dont provide service in your area. i was like oh ok... and i was all sad... but then afterwards i went to my jetpack hotspot AFTER the ISP had to cancel the service with me. so then i went onto the jetpack hotspot... AND IT WAS SO HARD!!! to manage my data but yet i had to go to the library and watch my youtube videos... and so yet... when i come back home i use my jetpack...

then in early july... i had put some money into my bank... and for some odd ball i DIDNT touch it... cause for goodness how long... and i checked for more ISP options... (cause i was getting tired of paying 100$ for my stupid jetpack  hotspot with verizon!!! ) THEN ALL OF SUDDENLY!!! i once again found exede... onto a different website that has services onto in iowa. and i was SO EXCITED!!! :D and therfore... i knew i had to call once again to see IF they provided service in my area!!! so i did call them and they said yes we do service in your area... i was like in my head... BULL-Z-EYE!!!  and so when they had to setup my account and stuff... i remembering them telling me and reading there service terms and agreements that i would be into a 2 year contract... and after the sales-rep said do you comfirm this or understand it??? i said yes i do. then he said ok... oh yeah he said that speeds may vary and are not guarentee

then after early july i had to wait couple of weeks for them to come out and set it up... so then after they came out.... i was onto the liberty plan... then i wanted to go to the freedom plan. BUT!!! i had to stay onto the liberty plan for like 2 days... then once they took the payment out after the installation and the monthly payment.... i went into my account and saw that the freedom plan was there... i was like WOW!!! 150GBS FOR MONTHLY!!! OH WOW!!! :D so then i quickly switched over to the 150gbs one AFTER they took out my monthly plan after 2 days...  then that was when i switched over... i was SO LUCKY AND HAPPY!!! :D SO i saw the freedom plan that was there for like months... while i was onto the freedom plan. it was there for like 3 MONTHS!!! @>@ while i to was on it... now then....  ever since late july after they putted up my services... ive been with the 150gbs plan for almost a year... and i WOULD NEVER EVER EVER IN MY LIFE SWITCH TO A DIFFERENT ISP!!! :D

ANYHOO!!! lets go onto what i use my data for!!! :3

1. i use my 150gbs for streaming youtube alotta... and i tend to use 480p or 380p for my youtube streaming... also i use youtube like EVERYDAY :D

2. i use it for my gaming... such as xbox one ps4 xbox 360 ps3 wii u 3ds's and my ipad... doesnt take much data for gaming but yet also... it takes alotta data of downloading it... but once its ALL updates and stuff... its easy to play online :3 (EXECPT FIRST PERSON SHOOTERS DONT WORK!!! i tend to like to play against the bots though :3 )

3. i use to for my social media... onto my fb i tend to make the auto play videos to DO NOT play videos auto... also i use discord for my friends and such :3

4. i use it to download animes :D and play it onto my xbox one :3   THE REASON why i download them is cause... when imma onto the 150gbs data plan.... i tend to always re-watch the episodes which i can actually download the anime and re-watch it whenever i want to WITHOUT using my data again to re-watch it :3

5. i use it for reading the manga online for my animes :3

and that is about it! :3

ALSO!!! ive had to had my dish realigned for me... because the connection kept going to the red for the anntenapointing sadly ;-; so once they came out and realigned the satillite i was able to get good speeds ever since then :D THANK YOU EXEDE FOR BEING MY ISP!!! :D LOVE YOU GUYS!!! <3
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oh yeah btw this took me about... 30 minutes just to type this DX now time to watch some anime and also play video games :3 so bai bai!!! <3

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