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So my husband and I signed up for Direct Tv, we were not told that Viasat would be our internet provider, we assumed att. But we were out of area and apparently Viasat services us. Sunday 1/7 this occurred. When the techs arrived we thought “weird that’s not att?” Then we get a bill from them immediately following installation. This was confusing as directv said it would be bundled all through them. Monday directv installed the satellite tv service and we though oh good now internet will work. Turns out it’s not connected to directv at all. We called Viasat to explain and they said sorry you were not explained correctly...directv is a partner and they lie to get sales. They refused to cancel the contract and only kept offering higher plans. Directv graciously offered 30 days to determine if we wanted to keep their service after the misunderstanding...but Viasat=nothing! So tonight we try to connect to the internet and it doesn’t work. We call customer service, they say it’s an issue on their end but says it will cost $100 for a tech to fix it. To recap:
1. Directv mislead us into thinking we were signing up for at&t unlimited dsl internet
2. Viasat came to install, does not check internet connection tells us to wait til directv is installed the next day
3 Viasat Bills us more than the agreed amount by directv 30/mo
4 Viasat’s AWFUL customer service (which was a representative that had broken English frequently interchanging words that made no sense. Example: let me see how I can “escalate” your problem instead of “resolve”) says they will charge a termination fee even though it was within 3 days, and only cares to try and sale a higher plan
5. The internet won’t connect, customer service says it’s on their end and can send a tech (on the 3 day post installation) for $100 charge

This has been the worst customer service experience ever! I plan on disputing the charge on my credit card, cancelling so no other charges post, terminating service, then when it is sent to collections and added to my credit report , I’ll report it as fraudulent and have it removed. Viasat will not get any additional money from us!
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Sounds like your issue is with Directv.
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I'll second Stephen Rice here.  DirectTV is essentially a 3rd party installer for ViaSat, and a trashy one at that from what you have expressed here.  The call center you dealt with is also a 3rd party company under contract with ViaSat.  However, viasatlistens@viasat.com is an email address that goes directly to people who do work for ViaSat.  You might want to send an email to them and have them look at your problem.

As Judge and Jury stated, your install of Viasat is covered for 90 days against problems.  Beyond that, you might want to consider EasyCare, which will cover service calls after the initial 90 day period.
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You've got problems there alright.  If your sole contract is with DirecTV, fight for cancellation with them.  If you are in California you can revoke your signature within 72 hours with anybody.
Your install of Viasat is covered for 90 days against problems.  A service call won't cost you a penny. 

On the bright side.  You subscribed about 4 weeks early.  The Viasat-2 satellite is now in beta testing and will bring substantial speed increases that you might like in early Feb.  You might want to keep Viasat and can the DirecTV.
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"interchanging words that made no sense. Example: let me see how I can “escalate” your problem instead of “resolve”)"

That statement from customer service was correct.  Escalating your issue means going to a higher level with your problem, tier 2 or 3.  That word is used all the time by Viasat and was correct to use.
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We do the installs for the Directv sales of the Exede/Viasat product.  We do about 400 jobs a month and thank the lord, most are not from Directv sales, because this is what my techs run into all the time.  Viasat is a great product and option for a lot of folks in rural areas where the option for high speed internet are very limited.  I don't understand why customers continue to blame Exede/Viasat or my techs, when it really is a Directv issue. And it seems like Directv always gets  away clean and the blame is placed on Exede/Viasat product.   Unless Directv does a better job of training their sales people to sell the product correctly and take responsibility, I wish Viasat would end this relationship, because it is a bad customer service issue  and causes this kind of  response from families  that should have a positive experience.   
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One question though.  If you were expecting AT&T internet, why did you allow a Viasat tech to do an install? You could have refused service at that point.

Ultimately the blame lies on Directv.  Its pretty mind boggling how they are allowed to make such lies.

I received an advertisement from Dish Network the other day offering high speed internet anywhere in the USA.  It specifically said speeds were 25 mbps, not up to.  Very misleading. It didn't mention any data caps either.  It was pretty obvious to me that they were reselling Viasat service, but the average consumer has no way of knowing when an advertisement is being truthful or not.
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DISH no longer has a sales relationship with Viasat. They are exclusively Hughesnet now.
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Ultimately, you should send an email to Viasatlistens@viasat.com.  You can report this issue to them and they might be able to do something.

I'm not sure if ditching Viasat would be a good thing for you or not.  Obviously you were lied to about the price, but Viasat is a high quality internet provider.  If there was an issue with your install, Viasat can send someone out to fix it for free.  You are supposed to get 90 days of easy care at no extra charge.

I actually left AT&T DSL to come to Viasat.  

Viasat does have its differences from land based internet but I'm happy with what I have.  I get 12 GB of priority data, unmetered internet from 3am to 6am, and after I have used my 12 GB of priority data I get speeds of 1 to 5 mbps during the day.  

I only pay $60.99 a month for my Liberty 12 plan on Viasat and am locked in at that price for 3 years.   My last AT&T internet bill was $69 and they kept going up on the price every year.
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you need to recheck available plans in your area, I have the same plan at the now reduced price of $50/month
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I would think authorized Viasat dealers/installers would follow the installation and service call standards guidance to a tee before commencing any installation, review the work to be performed, and obtain customer approval to avoid any misunderstandings regardless of where the sale is sourced from - these types of reports aren't limited to the DirecTV sales channel although probably more prevalent there. Those standards and guidelines leave little room for misunderstanding.

As Sy Sims said, "an educated consumer is your best customer" and a few minutes could save a lot of aggravation (not to mention 15% at Geico). Unfortunately, it does appear far too many installers have a get in and get out mentality.

Granted you can't cover AT&T's butt, but you can cover your own and probably should - it's your reputation on the line too.
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I save a ton of money on my car insurance by switching from Geico.
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I signed with the General but just to save some time - time is money.
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As has been mentioned several times in this thread, send us an email, we'll take a look!

Please be sure to include your account number, or the phone number attached to the account.