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See the log below:

Installation Techs –
(316) 269-6900 (Number given me by Exede).

(316) 841-1721.
(Number the installation techs said I could call if I had problems).


Earlier in December
(12/8, install 12/11?)

Called Exede and
scheduled installation. $400 for install including $100 install charge, $300
equipment rental for 2 years. Was billed shortly for partial month and one
month in advance totaling $85(?).


Saturday 12/26

Lost signal slowly
during the afternoon. Assumed it failed due to very strong wind.


Monday 12/28

I called Exede Tech
support. She tested my system online & said I definitely have a problem
with the antenna. I told her I suspected it moved during the strong winds
Saturday. She said she put in a work order, and she gave me the tech support-number
above to schedule technician to come look at it. When calling the tech, received
a recorded message “The person you are attempting to call is not accepting
calls at this time”.


Tuesday 12/29 (first
thing, AM)

I called technician &
received the same message. I called Exede Tech support back and told them the
techs weren’t answering either of their phones. She said she could expedite the
work order and a tech rep would call my cell phone by 10:00 to set up an
appointment. I stated that I did not want to go into another holiday weekend
without service, and it appeared we were headed there since the technicians are
not answering their phone. I said it looks like they have skipped town because
this isn’t a normal message for a business to leave on their phone. She assured
me she would get in touch with a technician and this would be taken care of
before the weekend. No one called me.


Wednesday 12/30 (first
thing, AM)

I called Exede
Customer Service. The Rep verified that the system is not working (again).
Looks like antenna has moved. She put an “escalate” on the work order (again). Stated
they should have called me. I asked what I can do. She said wait for 24 hours,
then call back if I haven’t heard anything. She gave me one free month of
service (I think that was on this call, but this note was added later and it
could have been a later call).


Thursday 12/31 Spent
1.5 hours on the phone.

I called Customer Service
back after 24 hours. I gave an explanation of the conversations referred to
above, then asked for a supervisor. I was connected to Valerie. I read the
whole story to her (again). She tried to call the techs, but was unable to get
with them either, and said she was out of options for the day. She put in a
complaint and said maybe the techs would call Saturday, but it would likely be
Monday. Said she was off Monday, but her peer, Rusty would call my cell phone
Monday AM. (01/04) to see if this had been resolved. I said that would be a
nice change, because, neither Exede nor a technician has called me back yet. I
repeatedly told her Exede is not providing service so if this could not be
resolved, I request a full refund and disconnect. She offered $100 refund if I
disconnect, but that was all she could offer, and we agreed there really isn’t
much sense in doing anything today before the holiday weekend. Also contract
states they have 30 days to resolve issues. I stated I hold them in breach of contract
for not providing service, and I doubt that the 30-day dispute resolution
clause would apply since I have no service and this is more than a simple billing
complaint. My next option is to contact VISA card and dispute the charges or
small claims court. She offered $25 compensation for lost service. I agreed to
wait until Monday (01/04) for Rusty to call.


Monday 01/04

No call from Rusty. (I
was busy and didn’t call anyone Monday).


Tuesday, 01/05 09:25
AM – 10:25 AM.

Still no call from
Exede. I called Excede Customer Service & asked for supervisor or someone
who can get either get this fixed now or get me a full refund. She asked if I
wanted her to reschedule a tech? I stated only if you can get one out there
now. Otherwise I want to disconnect with full refund. She connected me with a
supervisor (Tammy?). I read the explanation from above, (again) and expressed
I’m extremely disappointed that no one calls me back. I realize the problem
originates with the local dealer, but Excede has been aware of this and I hold
them 100% responsible since last Tuesday at least. I stated that after all
these calls, my plan is to call VISA, and (or) small claims court to recover
charges. I’m once again offered an additional $25, and free month. She says all
they can do is start the process to start a sales channel change. Give them
three days (Wed, Thur, Fri, or maybe Tues, Wed, Thurs, depending on when this
goes in). After that Exede can schedule technician. (Tammy?) will call me back
no later than Saturday with a schedule for when this can get repaired. I
stated; -once again, I have to wait 3 more days, then see when someone can come
out? I’m not currently planning to be home Saturday, and most of next week. That’s
not good enough. If Exede had this option available, why didn’t they offer it
last week? She stated that’s all she can do. I asked if there is anyone else in
the company I can talk with at a higher level who would authorize a refund and
disconnect to avoid the more costly route of we a legal dispute legally. She
said either collections or legal would have to deal with that. I hung up
undecided with what I’m going to do, but I still expect a call from her no
later than Saturday.


Following this
conversation I called the local tech number again. The message now states “the
number you dialed is not a working number”.


A technician
(different company) came out and re-mounted & re-aimed the dish Saturday
AM. He was friendly, and the system seemed to work well.


I called Exede service
line Sunday, March 8 because the system was off line over the weekend. It was
very windy. The lady on the phone said it was the router off line, and was not
related to the wind. I reset and checked the router and it all seemed OK; -just
no internet. She said she would schedule a technician at no charge because we
were within the first 90 days of service. Technician was scheduled for Tuesday.


Tech called a 1:00
Tuesday and was unable to make his scheduled appointment because rain had
delayed him at another call. He asked if he could come Wednesday. Cindy stayed
home all of Tuesday and rescheduled two appointments to accommodate the technician.
She agreed, but asked what time as she had to do errands but was flexible, and
he said he’d call first thing in the morning. He didn’t call or show up. He may
have called Thursday, but we were gone for vacation. (Left 10:00 AM Thursday).
When we returned from vacation March 17, there were four to five calls on our
answering machine to re-schedule service.



March 21, signal is
intermittent, and it’s once again very windy. I returned a call from the voice
message at (866) 813-1511 (option 1). Reiterated the above, and stated we’d
been on vacation. She said she would schedule a technician for tomorrow AM. I
asked her to reiterate to the technician the importance of calling so someone
can be here for the service call.


Cindy stayed home all
day on the 22 and no call, no show. Intermittent service for a while.



Called because of no /
intermittent service. Had service in the morning but we had no service at all
again for several hours during prime usage times.


Person stated that
they had tried to call us several times several weeks ago (while we were on
vacation). They have our phone number as is evidence by messages they left but
the technician or Exede isn’t calling when appointments are missed. She said
“dealer is no longer providing service”. I reiterated the log above, and told
her that once again, they didn’t call, didn’t show. She said Exede had a note
regarding this dealer  “do not schedule”.
This is the second time the dealer has gone out of business.


I told her that we
need to know how to discontinue service at no costShe asked many questions;
-how did we use allotted data in the past, etc. (We used it through
intermittent service) Then she said “We’re showing weather in your area”. I
looked outside; -bright, sunny, no cloud in the sky. She said she didn’t have
authority to cancel.


I told her we were in
Wichita, KS, and she acted surprised. “You are where? I’m not sure xxx?”
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Posted 4 years ago

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Wow you win that's the worst run around I've ever heard from these people and I'm sure its a prize you never wanted. We have some pretty strong winds on my mountain here in Va but I've never experienced your problem (only lose service when you can't see 10 feet out in a storm) so I'm willing to bet your dish is not properly installed though I'm no tech.  Good luck.  PS your a better man than me I'd be fire breathing  dragon by now
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Larry Lockie

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I am an Independent Installation Contractor, and am amazed at your patience. Also completely dismayed at the extreme run-a-round you have been given. You should have been able to escalate this to a higher level way back at the start.
I would be totally ashamed if a customer I installed had the problem you're having. At this point You should try to contact someone at Corporate level, since you have excellent documentation. Good luck and keep trying!
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Sounds hauntingly like my experience. Sorry you are having to go through this but I am so happy you documented! On the bright side, when I get through with this contract , I will never take good installers, good customer service and internet that works for granted again! Oh and I now also know the modem from the router since I have to do a sometimes daily reset :) Good luck!
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What a nightmare! !! I hope you get a full refund; unfortunately you will never get reimbursed for the frustration you've suffered, or all the hours on the phone and no shows. Unbelievable! !
I shake my head and cross my fingers hoping that I never have problems as you and others have had. I must one of the 1% who has had nothing but great service from Exede.
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Hello Tim,

Could you send an email to I'd like to look at this for you and take the appropriate actions but it does require personal account information and being that this is a open and public forum I'll want to do this where your info won't be out in the open.