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I am having an issue with a very high latency or ping issue. When I signed up for this internet I was told it was unlimited...DirecTv did not tell me I had a 10 GB and then it would roll over to a slower internet with Liberty Pass. Can you please tell me what I can do to get the latency numbers down??
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Posted 2 years ago

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Mandy, unless you have the capability of changing the laws of physics, there is nothing that can be done to lower the latency of satellite internet. The satellite is located 22,500 miles above the equator, so the signal must travel from your dish to the satellite, then from the satellite down to the earth station, to the server of the website you are using, and then the same trip to the satellite and back to your dish. That is 90,000 miles, which is normally 700 milliseconds or so.
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Steve is unfortunately very correct. While we get a signal to space and back pretty darn fast, it still takes more time than say a DSL or Cable connection bouncing to a core node at the end of the block, leading to a higher ping rate. 
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Hi Mandy

Unfortunately satellite internet has both a high ping rate and a limited bandwidth. Just because I want to look into this a little bit more for reasons I won't disclose on the forum due to account security could you please email me at exedelistens@viasat.com? Thanks!
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Just a note on the "Unlimited" issue. I know of one installer in my area (as heard form my granddaughter who called Viasat directly after speaking to the local company selling WindStream and Exede) They told her that the Liberty 10 was unlimited, when she confronted them, they explained that it is unlimited usage, just slower after you use the first 10 GB.

Perhaps other installers are selling it the same way which, IMHO, is not exactly dishonest but, is omitting information customers need to know.
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Search for the Leatrix Latency Fix, it doesn't actually reduce latency but, it does make your computer respond faster to servers. In laymans's terms here is what happens when you log in to a game for example:

Without fix:
Server: Oh hi, I see you logged in, want to play now? Are you there? Do you want to start the game? Hello?

Your computer: Hi, Yes, Yes, Yes.

With fix:
Server: Oh Hi I see you logged in.
Your computer: Yes, I'm right here.
Server: Want to play the game now?
Your computer: Yes.
Server: Great lets play.

It makes your computer respond to every request by the server one by one rather than doing what it normally does and waiting for 3-4 requests before answering the server. Of course doing that means you will use a slight bit more of your data allowance (about 1 to 3 % more depending on the servers you connect to and how fast and may request they actually use in a session.)

It does nothing for things like death due to lag, freezing and stalling in events such as raids and such but, it does help with loading times and single player or small group lag (you won't be 10 paces behind the rest of your group in a small group - under 10 other players.)

Still overall satellite internet does not play well with online gaming. Latency is going to be 700 ms and up, sometimes into the 1500 to 3000 ms range. Even if the games you choose can handle that, you still have a data usage cap and, many game require frequent, large downloads for updates and such so, you will either get slowed or, you need to be willing to pay for a larger data allowance.

I game and, I routinely burn 25 to 35 GB per month, I do my best to keep it at 30 or less but, now and then, I do go over because of updates, games etc...