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I had a extremely high internet bill. Yes I had to buy more internet. I switched to the Liberty plan one day before My new bill cycle and end up with a $200.00 bill. I called customer service and spoke with 3 different people telling them how shocked I was and upset I was with such a high bill because I was not expecting it and all of them were so rude to me. I added voice service. Was told I would not get charged till I hooked it up. Decided I would wait till the new month so it wouldn't hit me hard! NOPE got charged for it!! I understand that it's my fault that we used Internet. It was the holidays and I had company. I just find it hard to know what your bill will be when you don't see it till they charge you! Then when you call they are rude to you! I don't get it! Does anyone else have a issue with customer service?
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Posted 4 years ago

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Hello Monique, I truly apologize about the customer experience you have encountered and concerns regarding your bill. I would be happy to take a look at your invoice and see how we can assist. If you have not received and hooked up your Exede voip, you should not be charged. Please send your account and contact info to exedelistens@viasat.com. Thank you 
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I too have found it very troubling that a company does not give you an opportunity to see your bill before they take it out of your bank account. I've worked in the customer service call center industry for more than a decade and have worked with many clients - from very small companies to very large conglomerates. There is actually a term used for shadey billing tactics like this within the industry but I won't say it here. If you had been in some of the meetings, discussing contracts and proceedures with some of these companies as i have, you would be shocked at why they bill the way they do. In my experience companies who don't want you to see your bill before they withdrawals funds, do this for a number of reasons - 1. it saves on the number of customer service representatives needed 2. They hope you won't notice the discrepancy which makes them money 3. If you do catch the problem, they credit you on your next bill - this means they have additional funds to work with - at least for a while. There are many more "benefits" for a company to do this but it's simply a dirty corporate trick. Just look around the industry. Do you find any other "reputable" companies that bill like this? That's a big NO. Does Comcast or AT&T or Directv? No. So why does Exede? It's easy to figure out.
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Larry, Directv charges my credit card at the same time they notify me of my monthly bill. It is not that uncommon in the service industries. My Exede bill is very predictable, and never changes, except when I make a change to my plan, or purchase additional data.
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I have Directv myself and have been with them for several years. I always get notified on about the 15th each month that my bill is available and the automatic withdrawal happens on or around the 30th, which is the due date. On their website it says "your payment is due approximately 20 days after the bill is generated". And at any time you can see what your next due date and bill due will be and when. They are required by law to give you time to view your bill before they withdrawal the funds, as your bill can change based on purchases you might make throughout the month. I understand that your job is to watch these boards and dispute anything that might look bad to the company, but what I am saying is 100% accurate. Had I not worked in this environment for as long as I have, I wouldn't know about these little tricks. My point is just to be aware of why they bill the way they do. If they wanted to be truely transparent they would also allow you to view your bill prior to withdrawal of funds. They say they can get around this by claiming they are a "pre-pay" service. Like I said, I know the tricks of the trade, so to speak. Been doing this for a long time, and no this not common, except within the pre-pay industries.
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Hi Larry, 

Steve and the other Champions are not Exede employees and we don't assign them jobs. They choose to check in here to help people solve problems and get the most out of the service.

I can't speak to experiences you might have had with another company, but I assure you that Exede's billing policies are pretty standard and free of "little tricks," as you put it. The details are all available on our website, and any questions can be directed to the Help Center or exedelistens@viasat.com

Please feel free to reach out with specific issues. In the meantime, I will ask you to keep things positive with the other users here.  


Exede Matt

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I can see that you are convinced that you are correct, and have so much experience with business practices and the laws of same.

This is where I am coming from, real life. I have been with Directv since 2000, and have always received notice of my bill on the same day that payment was charged to my credit card. My last bill is dated 1/11/16, payment was made on 1/11/16.

I am not here to defend any company, and just so you know, I do not have any job. I do monitor these forums to provide any help I can to those who really want help. There are several of us who do this, we donate our time to share our knowledge, most of which was learned through experience, or through professional training for the jobs we help, or still hold, in the real world. We are not employees of ViaSat, Exede or Wildblue.

It is not our intention to belittle anyone. No one is required to subscribe to this internet service, you do so at will, and if you are not happy, it is your choice to not be a subscriber.
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I have been with DirecTV since the late 90's. I do not know what my bill amount deducted is until it has happened and I get an email from DirecTV saying the payment has been made. I cannot go on their site to see what it will be before it happens. I have tried. No difference with Exede. I am guessing any company that bills ahead does this.
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Thank you guys for your feedback.  In an attempt to clarify the issue with Directv, since I am able to see my bill in advance of when they pull out the money, and you guys say that it's pulled the same day, I did a little research.  I contacted Directv and asked them about their auto bill pay, and here is the transcript of the chat converstation:

Jayvee Mario M. (ID 100431494) DIRECTV:Hi, my name is Jayvee Mario M. (ID 100431494). How are you today?Larry Tucker:Very Good.Jayvee Mario M. (ID 100431494) DIRECTV:Nice to know you're doing good Larry!Larry Tucker:Here's my question.Jayvee Mario M. (ID 100431494) DIRECTV:Go ahead.Larry Tucker:When you sign up for auto bill pay, are you able to see your bill before the money is taken out of your bank/credit card account, or is the money taken out the same day the bill is produced?.Jayvee Mario M. (ID 100431494) DIRECTV:That would actually depend on what method you used for auto pay. Jayvee Mario M. (ID 100431494) DIRECTV:For auto pay , if you use a CREDIT card, money will be drawn same day your bill is sent out.Jayvee Mario M. (ID 100431494) DIRECTV:With a DEBIT card or CHECKING account, you are sent first with the bill before money is drawnLarry Tucker:Ah, that's interesting.Larry Tucker:Thank you so much for clarifying.

So as it turns out, it depends on what method of payment you use when signing up for auto-bill pay.  I use my bank checking account, you guys must use your credit card, so technically we are all correct.

And just to clarify further, I have been very happy with Exede for nearly two years.  No issues, no complaints. Nothing.  Then two months ago, my signal dropped.  They sent out a technician at what I was told would be a "FREE" service call, since it was my first and that they were also running some sort of special.  When the tech arrived I was speaking to him about it all and he was the one that told me to make sure and contact customer service - as he had been hearing that customers were being told this and then still being charged for these service calls.

So I called the same day and was told that NO I would not be charged and that it was listed in the notes that it was to be a free service call, and not to worry.  That was my first indication that I might get charged.  When a rep says it's "In the Notes" that means yes he noted it and No he didn't actually enter anything into the billing system saying it was to be free.  

So what happens, I get billed for the service call. Not full price of $99 but something around $40.  I call customer service, and they can't find the notes at first and then ah, yes they find where the rep had indicated that it would be a free service call.  So I ask why I was billed and he said that there was a special that dropped it to $40 but that the rep had entered into the notes that it was supposed to be free.  Well, noone ever saw the notes.  So the rep then tells me he will submitt a claim for the $40 credit and that it would be applyed to my next bill.   I ask "how do I know if it's been applied? Can I call sometime next month and see if it's been fixed?"  "No" he says, "we can't see the bill before it's produced".  So again, this month I have to wait until the bill is produced and the money withdrawn, before I know whether or not it was fixed.  That's my big problem with all of this.  No matter who I talk to, noone can tell me if the bill will be correct or not.

And yes, I do have years of knowledge in call centers and practices since 1998.  I've held a number of different positions within several companies, both in-house and outsourcing, and currently a director of workforce management.  So when I say I know the dirty little secrets of call centers, maybe that term was a little to strong, but I've been in a number of negotiations with business partners who wanted to move from normal billing practices to direct auto pay - with no window or access to the bill before withdrawal date - most of the time it was their hope that this would increase their bottom line, and reduce call volume into the call centers.

So, all in all, I'm happy with Exede.  However, this is one area where there's an opportunity to greatly improve customer relations.  What's the problem with allowing the customer to see their bill before it's withdrawn from their account?  Why the reluctance to transparency.  Yes it's great that the bills aren't supposed to change, but what if, by chance, it's not correct? What then? In my case it was only $40.  What if it had been $100? $200?  What recourse does the customer have in these situations?  That's my point.

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Larry, yes, my Directv is by a credit card, so that would explain why my bill and charges occur on the same day. I can understand your point in being able to view your bill in advance of payment withdrawal. Others on this forum have expressed the same in the past. That is something that ViaSat would have to consider to improve customer relations.

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