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I am stuck in the middle of nowhere and I hate it. Here are my previous Internet service:

For about a year and a half from 2007 - 2009: Dial - Up Connection.
I hated it. And even more sad was I recently lost every thing on my computer (back when I had only one computer). And I had all my pictures backed up online so that is very fortunate. However, I had to look for the Creative Commons music that I had before all over again. Getting Everything Back To How It Was took a very long time. I am not sure how long it took. But the entire year of 2008 I was only on a dial up connection. I also believe that dial up wears out computers and that modems should be separate devices, not inside the computers.

January 2009 - July 14, 2016: "Wireless" Connection.
At first I was delighted to have Internet that did not use a landline. And back then I still had an old fashioned land line that automatically published my street address onto the phone book unless I pay extra every month to have it unlisted. After a while the joy of the Independent Internet Connection that used its own equipment instead of telephone lines wore off. Be cause there are at least 200 times that I had Internet troubles and about 350 times I had to call to attempt to get it resolved. There have probably been 98 field technicians make "repairs". There are two things wrong with this service:
1. You have to have a clear line of sight to the tower itself, which is usually a flag pole or a telephone pole, not a regular triangular cell phone mast. There cannot be any trees "blocking" the "tower". If there are, then the signal is much slower and drops often.
2. It took them all these years to correctly install the receiver. It was too short. There is supposed to be a white box similar to a Telephone Network Interface Box that was not installed until years later The grounding wire with the bronze stake was also not installed until years later. There is supposed to be a higher quality power supply, instead of the long outdated "glued together" power supply that contained everything in one chip unit. They FINALLY upgraded it to the "Laptop Charger" power supply where everything is separate. One end of the brick has a plug for the power cable. The other end of the brick has a Line In from the receiver outside and a Line Out to the router. This upgrade was completed two and a half weeks ago. Literally. And this new service only lasted FOR ONE WEEK!!
I had petitioned them to get the monthly bills lowered which they finally did. They also let everybody have unlimited accounts. Originally I was on a Legacy account which costed a lot of money per month (about 10 or 15 dollars less than Exede) and it was unlimited. The "new" plans that new people signed up were about $ 10 . 00 USD cheaper than what I was paying (about $ 25 . 00 less than Exede) but were capped. They now have "offers" of the cheaper accounts but unlimited, for everybody in the service area, including current customers. I thought that everything was finally straightened out with this very horrible company.

But Their Internet Service Finally Died. The company, unfortunately, has not. I am not giving them any more money and the very bad thing about this is that they wanted me to sign a 2 year agreement. I am not moving for 2 years so a 2 year agreement sounded fine. But I had no idea that they were going to disconnect me after I signed up.

Also, because of frequent down time, 3 or 4 full days per month every month, I had to get a back up Internet. I have 3G unlimited on an old telephone be cause I cannot afford the new one. But they like to throttle people. Also this provider does not allow tethering. As I prefer BlackBerry 10 on a BlackBerry Classic which this provider no longer sells, I might end up switching to a different provider sometime in future.

So here is my experience with Hot Spots:

The first one who shall remain name less does not own any towers in U.S.A. They have to rely on two companies. And apparently I am not allowed to leave my zip code. This is certainly not much of a mobile hotspot. I canceled as fast as I could.

The second one I purchased around the same time I purchased the other one. It also shall remain nameless but this company does own its own towers. It was very easy to purchase the device online. But literally EVERYTHING ELSE was a complete nightmare. The device did not get any signal. I could not even log into my account to pay my bill. I had to have either
1. A cell phone service with them?! Or
2. Go to the physical store?!
The reason why I wanted this device was be cause of 4G LTE Data and once that data was used up, then it would be throttled to 2G. And it was not very expensive. But the device (and every thing else about that company) does not work.

A third hot spot, from a very large company, but not from the company that built The Long Lines. I have had this device ever since but decided it is not good enough. They are basically harassing people with Legacy Accounts. However, I was not able to find a replacement from the same company or the other two hotspot providers I tried. I can get a reliable connection (sometimes) and I was able to download a Creative Commons .mp3 song but I was unable to "Install" MagicJack (It requires an Internet Connection?!)

Here is my experience so far today with Exede, A COMPANY I SHOULD HAVE SIGNED UP FOR YEARS AGO!!

I had become very nervous be cause of my previously bad experience with the "Nameless" Wireless Broadband provider. But so far I enjoy every thing that Exede has. Apparently they have 24 hours of customer service (not available from nameless company), chat (it IS available with nameless company), forums to talk about issues (not available from nameless company and I will get to the forums in a minute.) and they have automatic payments, MODEMS, not only is Customer Service Open All The Time, but also they are very knowledgeable and I am not bounced around from "department" to "department". and apparently very reliable connection and very fast speeds despite my concerns about Satellite Internet. I was always told to use Satellite only if there is no other choice. I think that should be said with Wireless Broadband or whatever they call it. I read these message boards to get an idea of what Satellite Internet is like. And it looks like Exede has improved significantly over the years. They are even about to launch an additional Satellite??

While more expensive than what I am used to, these Internet Speeds are actually BETTER than what I am used to. Is it true that Cable and Fiber Internets have speeds up to 85 MBPS?! That is very shocking, and I really do not need to have it that fast. It would be nice, but overwhelming. I will explain why later. Exede apparently offers a combination of Fast and "Slow" speeds. But so far I cannot possibly call it slow! It combines very basic Internet with HotSpot Internet. The only difference is that with "new" Hot Spots they want you to "Purchase More If You Need To." but with Exede it seems to be "Purchase More If You Want To." 

But I am used to bad latency, and I am also used to "slow" speeds. I am not sure how often the Exede service goes out? Is there common network-wide problems like in my previous ISP? Will Exede block me for "Hogging The Internet"? 

I have used Priority Data within hours and while it was VERY nice to download a video at 1.25 MBPS, THE FASTEST I HAVE EVER DOWNLOADED! The speeds so far on Throttling Mode is downloading a second video at 155 KBPS. This is still MUCH FASTER than my previous provider! It is still currently in the evening. (Normally I will shut down Everything during the evening, as I have read that this is a time of day with Congestion, and that the Fair Data Allowance Policy says that people Using The Internet All The Time will be "De-Prioritized". I will shut everything down in the evening be cause I do not want to make anybody angry.) I imagine that overnight the speeds will increase slightly even if on Throttling Mode.

What I usually do with The Internet is download the Creative Commons Music, and I also have automatic downloadings of videos such as Podcasts and Truck Cam Archive Videos. I prefer downloading things and saving them on piles of Hard Drives be cause I think it uses less Internet to keep the videos forever instead of buffering them over and over again. I do not Buffer the videos nor watch them on Live Stream. I just watch them after downloading. 

I am also not bothered about the "slow" speeds be cause The Videos will still download no matter what the speed. If the speed was fast all the time, then all these hard drives would fill up very fast and I would have to buy even more hard drives, and I do not usually have the budget to buy many hard drives.

I do not know how many videos I download. Some times it is very often, but other times it is not often. Be cause If I downloaded all the time, (especially at fast speeds) then I would have to unexpectedly buy more hard drives.

No, I am most certainly not into Online Gaming and I never will be!! I think it is very sad that many people play Video Games, especially the ones on "Social Media" websites. I prefer just Emailing, Texting, Calling, all of which are private (except for Various Spies From Various Governments) and if anybody wants some thing to be public, then they can use GeoCities, AngelFire, and FreeWebs. But I doubt anybody knows what I am talking about. They instead love the badly designed "Social Media" especially if everything is automatically set up by itself. (and then people don't even have to think!!) I guess customizing the settings on a profile web page is just "too complicated", much more complicated than Calculus and Rocket Science.

But let people do what they want. On their own ISP. 

I still cannot find any problem with Exede. As many people do not like the "slow", but perhaps be cause I have arrived to Exede from A Very Bad Internet Service Provider, Exede still seems like a reliable connection. It is nice to have an ISP that resembles Cable Internet. I also enjoy watching the blue lights blinking on the modem.

It makes me feel like I am in an Urban Area, even though currently I am not. And it is very possible that I will keep Exede even once I am in the city limits. Cable and / or fiber might also be used as back up ISPs but the reason why I am currently preferring Exede is because I am not sure if any other ISP has the (so far) very high quality and very positive experience that I have had, including Customer Service. Customer Service these days are very difficult places to find which is why I always want to keep Exede no matter what.
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  • Finally I Have Internet.

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Hello--I have been very happy with Exede and before that Wildblue. I have Liberty Plan 12. Before got satellite I had dial-up. That got so bad couldn't even get online. Where I live no cell signal so no cell phones and didn't have any other way to get online other than satellite. They just came out with a broadband tower but I have seen where they have been installing the cables all over. Also it's expensive for what you get. The only thing is unlimited data. But since I haven't run  out of my 12 gigs why would I want unlimited data. Also high speed is 5mb down and think .780 up.  So I'm staying with Exede. I don't do movies but can do UTube if keep it down to 480 think it is.
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I've had WildBlue then Exede and, now Exede Business for over ten years and been happy with it. Down time is rare, 2 to 5 hours two or three times a year for maintenance and, down for the duration of a very heavy storm at your home or gateway 2-5 times times per year on average, depending on where you live and, what gateway you are on. (that's usually an hour or less)

Depending on what you want to do online as to which plan would best suit you, just don't let a fast talking sales rep sell you less data than you need. Lat us know what you like to do online and we can suggest plans that will suit that best.
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Hello IN_Correct, 

Thank you for the commendation (: I’m, glad to hear you’re pleased with our service and it works best for your internet needs. If you need anything or have questions about your account please feel free to send us an email at and we will be happy to assist! =)