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The way I’m looking at things and reading what the “elders” have posted about the past had me thinking. Many have mentioned how Exede and Wild Blue over sold which caused the absolute congestion. I think ViaSat is making an attempt at trying not make that mistake again. They raised the prices, lowered the data usage before it CAN be throttled and they are also are throttling the resolution depending on what package. Most don’t like it because they want all the data for themselves while Viasat is looking at the big picture. I believe ViaSats intention is to get people to pay attention and conserve their data so there is enough for everyone to have consistent and acceptable service in the foreseeable future. For the ones who can afford the Platinum package they will not be as inconvenienced as those in Bronze but you will pay more than double. I think ViaSat has good intentions and as customers fluctuate so will the prices and plans. As for me....I see what I perceive is the big picture and appreciate it. I am a satisfied customer...the speeds and data could always be higher and the price lower. Comparing ViaSat to the DSL service I had before I switched....I’m driving a 2018 Ferrari compared to the 1976 Gremlin I not many complaints from me. Satellite internet is my only reasonable option if I want to continue living the country life. I believe they will migrate some non-VS2 plans over to the VS2 satellite as service calls come in and as customers upgrade which will even everything out. Be will get better.
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I think it under estimated how many would jump on the Unlimited* plan. I think it underestimated what this video optimization does to people's perceived concept of the service, youtube and netflix cutting out while viasat fools with the packets to lower res. I also think it was forced to roll out some plans because viasat2 is a little more cripples vs what the news has said, heck its getting insurance involved. I am not an elder.