Data being used at 1 gig a day

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My DATA is used up at 1gig a day...need help. I keep calling and get hung up..last called Trisha. Called last nigiht guy said my download speed was 1.000
Linda Weitz
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Linda Weitz

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Posted 4 years ago

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Linda Weitz

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Just got hung up again. PLEASE HELP!
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Linda Weitz

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I am just going around in circles..does anyone see this?
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Diana, Viasat Employee

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Hi Linda, Yes, we absolutely see this and we are here to help.  Please send your account and contact information to
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Bev, Champion

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Linda, that is not exceptional usage. With only operating system and anti virus updates, NO STREAMING ANYTHING, browsing, email, forums, blogs. No social media sites, two people in my home average 1 to 1.5 GB per day used. That's about 12 computer hours per day using the internet between two computers.

Add other devices, do updates for those, play games online, stream music or video and, you will use even more. Still Exede can help you look at what the data was used for, help you secure your router if you have one and, give you tips to reduce usage so, email them as Diana asked.
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Markgc, Champion

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I can see 1 gig a day on my 4G service with just  browsing  and having the pc sitting there. Some web pages update every minute or so I  think. If you are not blocking adds then web pages can gobble up a lot of data.
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Brian Shackelford

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I only have a single PC at my house connected to a firewall that is blocking all kinds of things and I can see a few hundred megabytes being used just checking gmail and social media - with all the videos turned off.

Website data needs have grown while sadly Exede data caps have not.  It would be a really nice gesture for Exede to increase the data caps a few GB like they did a few years ago, but I don't think that will happen.
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Brian Edlund

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Since my data reset last night for the month, I haven't done any downloading and I have unlimited web browsing and email but yet in 20 hours my bandwith shows I used 1.9 GB and I have not did anything to make it go up to that so where is my Bandwith going?
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Brian - There are numerous threads addressing data usage.  Do you have DirecTV, a blu-ray player, smart TV, tablets or smart phones?  They all suck down the data.  If you are using Windows 10 have you disabled all of the active tiles, cloud services and peer-to-peer update sharing?  Is there a possibility that a neighbor is borrowing your Internet service?  I have five computers, two tablets and two smart phones.  I think they use over 10 GB a month by just being turned on.  Try installing Glasswire on your computer to see if it is consuming the data and if so, what application(s) is responsible.