Have Unlimited Gold 30. Fast download speedtest but still slow/buffering at 720p on YouTube and Twitch. Why?

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I have Unlimited Gold 30 plan which says I should have streaming at 720p.  However, I'm not getting this when trying to stream YouTube or TwitchTV, it's buffering every 20 seconds.  On ATT Speedtest I'm getting 38Mbps down and 4 Mbps up so speed seems to be fine.  Are YouTube and Twitch getting throttled more than they should be or is there some other problem here?  Problem exists on multiple devices and also with direct ethernet connection to modem.  
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Posted 2 years ago

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Others have reported problems with streaming sites other than Netflix having buffering issue with the video resolution restrictor.

Scares me. Glad I am on unrestricted Feeedom.
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I am right with you two. And in no hurry to give mine up for Viasat-2 and degraded video.

Don't mess with my video resolution! :)
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No video restrictions is a nice benefit of the Liberty plans as well.  As long as the bandwidth is available, I get full speed for whatever I am recording.

I sound like a broken record, but it works great for early morning and daytime recording of Netflix video with my Playon server.

My Playon server is pretty much caught up on its recordings.  Starting next month, I am only going to record during the LNFZ from 3am to 6am to conserve my 12 GB of priority data.

I figure the 1.14 TB (1,135 videos) of content my server has recorded over the past few months should last me for a while.
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Downloading video to watch later is a beautiful thing. 1080p and no buffering!
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I have two accounts in the same location and have run a number of tests. My freedom 150 plan can run circles around my new silver plan. I have turned off the so called "Video Data Extender" and it makes no difference. Speed tests also show my Freedom 150 plan faster every time. Yet the Viasat marketing tells me the new plan with the "wifi" modem is faster.
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Turning off the Video Data Extender is only available on non-unlimited plans - on unlimited plans like silver, it is always on - as now marketed on Silver plan it's "Video Streaming at Small Screen Quality Optimized for 480p" - translation (I haven;t seen the new wording yet for Bronze and Gold plans).

On unlimited plans detected video streams are throttled to a speed at best suitable for 480P. The only real gurantee is that video content providers will detect that lower speed and deliver that content at a quality they deem appropriate (that's called adaptive streaming).

With non-unlimited plans, the Video Data Extender cam be toogled on or off and does the same thing except it's always at a 480P threshold.    

See the following for some additional information regarding throttling speeds on unlimited plans:


Run a speed test at fast.com (sponsored by Netflix) and it will estimate your video stream rate for detected videos. Other speed tests such as testmy.net will estimate your non-video bandwidth rate so you're comparing apples to oranges.