Have had no service longer than I've had service! (viasat)

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Signed up for the 25mbps plan last Tuesday (10 days ago) through Viasat. It worked great for 3-4 days, then completely stopped starting last weekend. I have only used 4 gigs of data it says. So that is not the issue. Ive unplugged everything many times. I have the newer white modem. The wifi symbol is blue and the purple light is on. Purple in the book says "setup, network entry, ranging, DHCP" Ive called and nobody can answer what it is/what to do. And scoured the internet for a week to figure it out. Does anybody know what this means and how to fix it. A tech was scheduled to come to my house yesterday and didnt show. Turns out they could confirm i called to schedule and verbally signed the agreement, yet the lady never put the ticket through (really -_-). So gotta wait again. Any help before that would be appreciated though
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Posted 2 years ago

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what i would recommend you doing is to email viasatlistens@viasat.com then i would also suggest you telling them into the email about your current issues about the tech and so on.

by emailing the email i have given you, they will most likely help you out. also take note if you have an android with gmail, yahoo, or hotmail then id suggest you email the email onto your android phone. if you have an iphone then it is the same process. hope this helps ya!

Edit: make sure to have your account number, name, and phone number that is associated to your account!
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I notice something very odd about the above reply.
All of a sudden normal English is back.
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Derek go here and tell me what your RX/SNR signal is than reset modem unplug it for 3-5 mins and than plug back in! Both lights will be purple if its online! And it should take about 3 mins for it to come back online!
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@John Postizzi well to be honest, i can actually go into nerd talking if ya like me to :3 but... my normal english will ONLY last about 1 full day sadly :( so therefore... i must take use of it!!! last time ive ACTUALLY had an a normal english was... when i was around... 15 to 16 years old... it was the last time ive ever had normal english like this ;-;

BUT!!! also... sometimes... i tend to have like an professional kicks in... then all of suddenly i turn into a professional! then i tend to have an nerd talking kicks into me! i dont know why it tends to kicks in automatically to be honest... but... i ONLY wished... it would actually come natural... ;-; which is... kinda sad... cause i have trouble with my speech and so on... ;-; so yeah... HOPES THIS HELPS YA!!! 

have a nice day!!! :3
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Geek nerd talk :D 
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The nicest nerd I know!